DO you Guyz really THINK if Arnab and Kangana not spoken initially n given strength to SSR fans...Literally in dreams CBI would have come in picture?? Who listen Fans BDW if we dont have A lead voice? Saying naturally..Just think? It was Arnab who gave Strength to fans for fight+
Whatever they both have reasons i dont support and agreem BUT Atleast THEY SPOKEN...Not so?? Who spoken in celebs by d way?? And In starting who spoken on media when every channel ignored this news???
This much selfishness i will never ever support. They both raised their voice++
And celebs who are speaking Now R in RHEA favour. It's fans hardwork i agree and no one can take that. It was Kangana & Arnab lead voice this started as a protest. Arnab literally shouts 1 hour on TV. He felt bad when SSR was being called Dr!g addict. Supported him in this++
Ab jab CBI ko investigation chali gayi hai. Suddenly bure ho gaye ye dono?? Koi bhi aira gaira aake kuch bhi bolega Khunnas me...You guyz will support them?? Seriously? What's DIFFERENCE in you all n those hypocrite bdw?? FIRST LEARN TO RESPECT THOSE WHO FOUGHT FOR SUSHANT.
Kangana is doing for Publicity. Arnab is Doing for TRP. Okay chalo accepted. Aur kitne celebs ne publicity ke liye openly wala ya ek baar bhi support kiya Sushant ya Uski family ko? TRP ke liye toh Aaj Tak ne bhi kiya Waise Arnab ko TRP ni mil sakti? Plus he will get money also.
DON'T BE A HYPOCRITE. JUST DONT. Anyone would come suddenly from holes after 60 days to Troll These both and take credit, You all insulting all those Genuine people who fought with these two. NOT A FAN OF BOTH. But i cant be hypocrite. Never. So keep in mind next time this thread
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