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1. Definition Aspect
Security refers to the protection of individuals, organizations, and properties against external threats that are likely to cause harm. On the other hand, safety is the feeling of being protected from the factors that causes harm.
2. Emotional Aspect
An individual feels safe when he or she is embraced by the loved ones which means that his or her emotional safety has been taken care of.
On the other hand, the aspect of security comes with physical aspects like tall walls that are protecting an individual from external threats.
3. External Versus Internal
People looking for security ensure that they are highly protected against external factors that are likely to harm them.
On the other hand, an individual within the organization might cause the essence of lacking safety or a party might make himself or herself not to feel safe.
4. Deliberate and Unintended
The other notable difference between security and safety is that security is the protection against deliberate threats while safety is the aspect of being secure against unintended threats.
5. Coverage
Security is a major affair that covers a wide area and goes even further to be an international http://aspect.Safety  does not cover wide coverage and usually involves the premises of a house, company, and institution.
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#Thread #English #LearnEnglish #security #safety #FridayMotivation
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