The state of Sikkim, in N.India used to be an independent state ruled by a king. In 1947. a party named Sikkim National Congress was formed, which then worked closely with the Indian National Congress to annex Sikkim to India 1/5
SNC created civil unrest in the state, & the king had to get "help" from India to suppress SNC. India sent a military force & an Indian gov official to Sikkim. In 1950, Sikkim became protectorate of India, where India controlled, external affairs, defense & communication. 2/5
Later, SNC staged protests against the king & the PM appealed India for Sikkim to become an Indian state. Indian army invaded Sikkim & a referendum was held, where it was voted in favor of a union with India. At the time of the vote, there were 40,000 Indian troops in Sikkim. 3/5
Both Nepal & Bhutan feared that, the fate of Sikkim might be theirs. We as Maldivians should fear too. WE have an opposition, who is willing to make a deal with India to handover security responsibilities of Maldives to India. 4/5
Maldivians should take it seriously when a prominent Indian MP tweets saying that India should invade Maldives. He also said that there is a Tamil name for Maldives. He is probably trying to say that historically Maldives was part of India. 5/5
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