Top 10 Most Expensive Perfumes in the World and their shocking prices😂

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So, you are probably wondering why I'm creating a thread about perfumes... Like say I jobless abi... Well, anyhow it is, you are here😂

That makes us two.
Guy, before you go further, just gently check the thread and Thank God for your cheap perfumes.😂😂😂

This thread will humble you.

One girl was telling me that she Vought her perfume 10k, I'm like so? Wet in concern me...

Things of the world... Worldly things 😂
1. Gardenia Les Exclusifs de Chanel – Parfum Grand Extrait

$3,800.00 = 1,447,800.00 Nigerian Naira

Someone is puffing your house/Car on their body💔😂

Cloth wey I go still wash o....
2. Roja Haute Luxe

$3,500.00 = 1,333,500.00 Nigerian Naira

I know some people on this app that has like 4 of this.
3. Amorem Rose Parfum presented in a Lalique Crystal Flacon

$3,000.00 = 1,143,000.00 Nigerian Naira
4. Joy Baccarat Pure Parfum, Limited Edition

This perfume was created in 1930 and it sells at $1,800.00.

685,800.00 Nigerian Naira
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5. Love is in the Air Limited Edition

$1,210.00 = 461,010.00 Nigerian Naira
6. Les Royales Exclusives Jardin dAmalfi Fragrance

$995.00 = 379,095.00 Nigerian Naira
7. Fabulous Eau de Parfum Decanter

$860.00 = 327,660.00 Nigerian Naira
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8. Original Collection No. 1 Feminine

$850.00 = 323,850.00 Nigerian Naira

$515.00. = 196,215.00 Nigerian Naira
10. ELEGANTER SCHWAN 06 - Limited Edition perfume

$415.00. = 158,115.00 Nigerian Naira
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