lagi na lang pinanlalaban yung "my idols can produce songs, yours can't".

for the last time, not everyone has creative freedom. companies like SM prefer their artists to just perform and not worry about composing. that's why they're excellent performers, parang di na tao+
kasi dun naka-focus ang practice nila. singing, dancing, performing... but they're also composing/writing songs. it's just not as common. even got7, who can compose their own songs, don't get to put out their own music kasi pakialamero si jyp.

BUT... why hold it against the grp?
if they're allowed, i'm sure they'd want to sing and perform their own songs.

but as jb said before, even the ones they didn't compose are impt too because ppl made an effort to compose them. lyricists, composers, producers need their jobs too okay. it's as important.
just because your faves put out songs they've composed doesn't mean they're superior than everyone else. they're lucky not everyone has the same opportunity. pero kung lahat allowed, tingin nyo walang mas magaling sa kanila?
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