You know those "Sign up to be my gf/by" memes?

That, but TodoDeku.

Shouto writes "Looking for a partner. Someone who can cook, clean, doesn't mind odd hours. Likes the window open in winter and fleece blankets in summer."

He's looking for a roommate.

He gets Deku.
Okay SO! College AU, Yes!Quirk, No Heroes

Shouto posts this flyer on the campus cafeteria board, but he lives off campus. He doesn't need help with rent or anything, he's just fucking lonely after moving out of a house of six.

Izuku, bless him, can't stand his dorm mate.
He wants out pretty desperately.

Also, kind of lonely. But not in a "I need a friend" way, in a "I haven't had sex in like two years I just want to touch a tiddie" way.

So he's eating a badly made pizza in this cafeteria and he sees this flyer and he's like-

"You know what?"
So he rips off the phone number from the bottom of the flyer and he goes outside and just CALL the guy.

Only Shouto, who takes night classes, doesn't pick up because his ass is asleep.

It goes to voicemail.
'My name is Shouto Todoroki. This is my voicemail.'
'If you've reached this portion of the call, I was unable to pick up. Leave your name, phone number, and least favorite color. Also your reason for calling... how do I stop it?'

The message cuts off and Izuku is more confused than he thinks possible.
But there's a beep, so, you know.

"Hi, I'm Izuku, My number is [Redacted], my least favorite color is orange, and... well, I'm calling about the flyer you put up in the campus cafeteria? Is that still something you're looking for? I guess... call me back?"
He doesn't expect to get a call back. He goes to class, goes back to his dorm, and is sitting in bed trying to sleep while he dormmate bitches about... he doesn't know at this point. But it's three in the morning and Izuku is ready to commit sins against god. Not the fun way.
He's ready to break all the bones in his hand again just to shut Monoma up when his phone goes off on his nightstand.

"It's three in the morning, don't you know it's rude to have your phone on?"

Izuku unplugs his phone, forces the window of their dorm open, and jumps out.
Is he on the fourth floor? Yes.

Does he care? No.

He's had this quirk long enough to stop ALL his bones from shattering, thank you very much.

"Izuku here!" He says, a little out of breath as he stands up in the bushes.
"Izuku. This is Shouto Todoroki." Wow, he really wasn't playing a joke with that slight monotone, Izuku was sure it was a prank. "I hope I didn't wake you."

Izuku looks back at the window and sees that Monoma is flipping him off and shutting it.

"Nah, I was up."
"Excellent, I was about to get food after class. Would you like to join me so we can discuss the flyer?" Shouto asks. Izuku hears papers shuffling.

Oh shit, a date already?

He's only in pajama pants, a tank top, and socks, but... fuck it, he has gym shoes in his car.
"Food actually sounds /really/ good right now. Where can we meet?" Izuku climbs out of the bushes with a little effort, then yelps when gravel stabs the bottom of his foot.

"The T/aco B/ell by campus is open twenty-four hours." Shouto says, and suddenly he sounds excited.
"Did you know they cinnamon twists there?"

Izuku wonders if this guys is a stoner. He has to be, three in the morning wanting to go to a greasy fast food joint?

But fuck it, better than Monoma.

"Oh yeah, they also have choco tacos. They're really good."
"Choco tacos." The way Shouto says it sounds like he's trying to speak in a foreign language. "I haven't tried that, what is it? I'm getting my keys now." He sounds even more excited than before, and Izuku bites his lip.

He sounds... really cute.

God he hopes he gets to smash.
"Chocolate ice cream taco." Izuku begins walking down the sidewalk, realizing he doesn't have his keys. He'll have to head back upstairs quickly before going out. "It's /really/ good."

"How does that work with the beef?" Shouto asks, genuinly surprised.
"The beef... oh! Shit, no." He laughs, hoping it comes across in a good-natured way. "No, it's all ice cream, and chocolate, and wafer. I mean sometimes there's nuts-"

"I like nuts," Shouto cuts in contemplatively.

"Oh my god me too!" Izuku grins. "How will I know it's you?"
"I'm pretty easy to find." Now Shouto sounds less than enthused. "I look like a Todoroki."

Izuku blinks, letting himself back into his building. "What's a Todoroki look like?"

There's a long, drawn out silence, then a genuine, beautiful laugh that makes Izuku stop.
It's... holy fuck.

Izuku feels all gooy in the knees at a laugh like that. Shouto could be the ugliest guy in the world and Izuku thinks he'd still let him Detroit Smash him into next week if all he did in return was /laugh/ like that again.

Is it possible to fall for a laugh?
Because he's falling for a laugh. And he's never even seen the guy.

"I have red and white hair, I'm hard to miss. What about you?" Shouto sounds curious, and it startles Izuku into motion.

"I have green hair, or well, green and black, it's complicated?"
"Complicated?" Shouto hums, then there's a click. "Anyway I'll see you soon. Just come up to me, I'll pay for our food."

And then he hangs up.

And Izuku pauses in front of the stairs, checks his phone and-

Nope, totally hung up.

Oh well, he'll grab condoms on the way.

The lights are orange and gritty, but they're oddly romantic for a late night fast food joint. Sort of. If you squint. And haven't slept in two days. And just finished half semester exams.

Izuku's just tired, honestly.

But when he sees Shouto sitting there...
He's sitting under the neon 'Open' sign, blue and purple light bathing down his white blazer with bronze cufflinks. True to his word, Shouto's red and white hair is splayed over his shoulders in a messy half bun. He has a pencil tapping his bottom lip and Izuku is struck dumb.
This is... not what he assumed Shouto Todoroki would look like. This man, this... /intensely attractive/ man is a model, he's got to be. He's got perfectly fit dark washed jeans and...

And his /jeans are cuffed./ This is not a drill.

This really /is/ a date! Fuck yeah!
Izuku tries to walk as smooth as he can, because that's what a hottie like this deserves, but...


Izuku Midoriya is /not/ suave. He's a freckled menace to society according to Kacchan, and a 'Bit of a Mess' according to his ex's.

So he trips over a chair on the way.
He tries to catch himself on the way down. Even if he's trying to look cool, he doesn't want to crash. But the tables been wiped down recently and it's /still wet./ There's no surface to grip.

He falls, and as he does, he looks up and sees bright, lovely eyes staring at him.
And then his shoulder cracks against the floor and Izuku sees white. Right, it's /always/ his right side that gets fucked up. He's cursed, plain and simple.

"Oww." He whines.

"I take it you're Izuku?" Shouto stands over him and smiles, and Izuku can't breathe.
He's not sure if that's the fall or the fact this man is too pretty for words.

"What... gave me away?" Izuku asks around an awkward laugh. Shit, does he have to be such a mess all the time?

"You're wearing a name tag on your jacket," Shouto says as he reaches down.
He lifts the lapel of Izuku's jacket and turns it over. There's Izuku's work tag.

How could he have forgotten to take that off?

"You weren't kidding when you said your hair was green and black, is it part of your quirk?" Shouto walks back to his table and sits.
Izuku groans and gets to his feet, brushing himself off. "Nope, just blessed with pretty hair." He smiles, hoping Shouto takes the joke. His hair isn't pretty, it's actually average to have tinted hair.

"It /is/ pretty." Shouto says with a very small smile.

Fuck him he guesses.
"Uhh... right." Izuku flushes and hurries to pull out a chair to sit across from Shouto. When he glances down at the papers, his analyst brain soaks up the words faster than he can catch himself. He tries not to do this, but it's a habit and future career. It happens.
These are... these are terms and agreements.


Oh my god, is this /hot as fuck man/ into BDSM? Is this a Dom/Sub contract?

Does... does he care?

... honestly? No. Izuku would be down. Shouto's hot. He could swing either way. Top, bottom, bring it.
"So I'm surprised you called, I haven't really gotten many offers." Shouto admits, sorting through the papers. "You'd be alright moving in quickly?"

Boy would he.

"Yeah, actually, I don't have much but I could be out in less than a week and in with you."
Even faster if there's head.

"That sounds amazing." Shouto sounds... fond.

Shit, Izuku's flushing.

"You'd have your own room for whatever you wanted of course, but we'd share a bathroom." Shouto pulls out a blueprint. "Here's the layout of the apartment."
Izuku looks it over and marvels at this three bedroom apartment. Jesus, is Shouto just going to give him two rooms or... oh shit, one must be /their/ room, and the other like a fucking sex room or something. Or maybe he can set up a study for work?
Could they get a sex swing?

"Do you like swings?" Izuku asks.

"I love them, I have one set up on the balcony facing the woods." Shouto says with a smile.

Holy shit, kinky public sex? Kacchan won't be able to call him vanilla anymore, that's for sure!
"Oh, how do you feel about cats?" Shouto asks.

Izuku pauses and thinks about the one time he tried pet play. His ex-boyfriend had called him kitten and... it hadn't been terrible.

"I like cats, more of a dog person myself but, you know. Whatever you like more."
"I really like the thought of a cat." Shouto admits, flushing a little. "You'd be fine with that? For both of us?"

Izuku wants to say 'I'd be fine with anything you asked me to do.'

But instead he says "Yeah, I'd be down."

Shouto's smile is soft and sweet, and it's perfect.
"And you're sure you're okay with odd hours? Sometimes I can be up all night." Shouto flushes even darker. "I hope that... I hope that doesn't deter you from wanting to be with me."

Izuku thinks about being up all night with a naked version of Shouto and... oh, yes please.
"Honestly, odd hours are pretty normal for me. I have stamina, I can be up for a while." Izuku admits, because honestly if he's going to go in, he might as well bare it all. "My quirk sort of... helps in that aspect."

"Oh, what is your quirk? I never really formally asked."
"Oh, well, I sort of... I sort of have /two/ quirks? Kind of?" He rubs at the back of his neck, embarrassed. He jumps when Shouto reaches out quickly to grab his hand.

"You do!" There's a light in his eyes that makes Izuku's chest flutter. "I do too!"
"I'm-here, I'll show you." Shouto pulls his hands back and holds both out on either side of his chest. There's a small fire in one fist and a frosted ice crystal in the other. He waves both away quickly so as not to set off any alarms.
Izuku could reach across the table and climb into Shouto's lap right then and there. He could study him for /days,/ with or without clothes. A duel quirk from birth?! That's so rare! And so beautiful! And-

"You're staring." Shouto mutters, sounding ashamed.
"I'm in awe!" Izuku admits, reaching out to take both of Shouto's hands. "That's such a beautiful quirk!"

Shouto opens his mouth as if to say something, but stops and bites his lip. "It... yes, it is. Thank you." He takes his hands back. "And yours?"
Izuku summons One for All into one arm, letting the green energy crackle across his skin, then summons Black Whip in the other to pluck a napkin dispenser off the table and place it on the chair.

Shouto's eyes light up with the green and black glow from Izuku's skin.
"An energy quirk?" He reaches out before Izuku can warn him off and trails a finger through the green energy. Normally One for All shocks people and drives them away, but instead it curls around Shouto's finger before fizzling out.

Izuku sucks in a sharp breath.
"I... sort of." Izuku whispers. "I can store up energy and release it through force, like punches and kicks, or through Black Whip. Either way, using too much can be dangerous." And here he pulls up his sleeve to show off the gnarly scarring.
"Growing up was... an adventure in learning my quirk." If by growing up he means from age 14 on up.

Shouto sucks in another sharp breath and touches a patch of scar tissue barely visible on his left wrist. "I know that pain /intimately./"
Izuku offers a gentle smile. "I guess we'll have plenty to talk about if I move in, right?"

Shouto looks excited. "So you're thinking about it?" That soft look is back, the one that Izuku's soaking up like a drug.

"Absolutely," he admits. "It sounds... well, it sounds amazing."
Shouto nods, lifting his papers up and shuffling them together. "Well, this is the renters agreement, if you want to take it with you and read them over before signing them?" He holds them out and Izuku takes them without hesitation.
"I could read these over while you get us food?" Izuku picks up the pencil Shouto had been playing with earlier. They'll obviously get to the more... risque papers later. Might not be appropriate for the table.

"That sounds great, do you care what I get you?"
This could be a test, a sign of trust for their future relationship. Izuku knows how BDSM relationships work in theory, but he's never been in one in practice. Still... it doesn't hurt to extend trust. And also, he doesn't really care. He'll eat anything.
"I trust you." Izuku says, finding he means it. Maybe this relationship won't be that hard. Shouto's pretty, obviously into guys, the rolled cuffs after all, and he's... he's sweet. It might be a few firsts for Izuku, but he's willing to try.
"I'll hold you to that." Shouto says before heading to the counter. Izuku doesn't fight the urge to watch his ass as he walks away. It's a /really/ nice ass. It's criminal to look that good in jeans.

"You could hold anything to me." He mutters.
With a dreamy sigh, he turns back to the papers and starts reading them over, making amendments here and there.

This is going to be a fun future.


By the time Shouto returns with a tray full of food and two /very/ large drinks, Izuku has read through and rewritten several points of interest in their contract. Shouto sits and explains what he's purchased, excited and acting like he's never eaten at T/aco B/ell before.
Which is absurd, right? Who's never eaten at T/aco B/ell before?

They share nachos while Izuku goes over their contract, and here and there they work out compromises to certain points.
It's a quiet night that stretches on well into the morning, and more than once Shouto goes back for more food. Izuku eats whatever Shouto offers, his quirk burning so much energy that he's always hungry, but it's watching Shouto eat that gets him.

Or more, listening to him.
"Did you /try/ this?" Shouto offers the rice and potato burrito to Izuku, who lifts his own.

"Yeah, it's really good this time." He's been here on less savory nights.

But Shouto just moans as he eats and Izuku swallows back the comments he wants to make.
"I'm glad you're enjoying the food." Izuku says after a laugh.

"And the company," Shouto admits, wiping his face off with the worlds worst version of a napkin. "I really didn't expect to find someone I liked so fast."

Izuku takes a large sip of his Ba/ja Blast.
The food isn't the only thing making him thirsty.

"Well," Shouto starts putting his things away in a briefcase he'd hidden under the chair. "I should get back home, and so should you. I have your number, shall I call you this weekend? Should I rent a moving van for you?"
"Nah, I can pack everything I own into my car!" Izuku says with a laugh. "I'm just staying in the dorms, I have the bare necessities right now."

When he looks up, Shouto is frowning. "So... you don't have a lot?" He seems to chew on his thoughts, then nods. "We'll go shopping."
Izuku blinks, then a thought strikes him.

There was never any talk about /rent/ in the contract.

"You don't have to, I can-" He's cut off when Shouto stands and pats his shoulder.
"Nonsense, I have plenty of cash to spare. Besides, call it your welcome home present." He turns and leaves before Izuku can even get out a squeak of protest.

Oh... oh boy.

What did he just sign up for?


Izuku gets back early in the morning and thankfully Monoma isn't around. He's greatful, but he also realizes he has class in a few hours. Izuku has to shower and force himself to stay awake through a droning lecture.

It'll be worth it in the long run, it has to be.
Social work and analytical practice are maybe a bit over his head, but he's a great student and he's passionate about this. He's going to change the way people treat kids, with or without quirks, and he'll publish groundbreaking thesis papers in the meantime.
After class, Izuku skips lunch and goes back to his dorm. He doesn't even take his shoes off before he falls face first onto the bed and passes out.

He's woken by Monoma shaking his shoulder with enough force to knock Izuku onto his side.

"Fuckin' wha?" Izuku slurs.
"You /need/ to start answering your phone," Monoma hisses, "the bitchy blond is here because you never responded to him."

Bold words coming from /Monoma,/ but Izuku doesn't say that.

He thinks it very loudly, but doesn't say it.
Izuku groans and sits up, hair falling into his eyes. He grabs a cloth headband off the desk, using it to push his hair off his forehead, then he walks into the hall. He's faced with the normal, scowling face of Katsuki Bakugo.

"Hi, Kacchan," Izuku mumbles.
"I called you /seven/ times." Katsuki holds up his phone.

"I was asleep," Izuku whines, stepping forward so he can lean against Katsuki's shoulder.

"Don't touch me." Katsuki doesn't move to push Izuku away. "You were supposed to come over for dinner, my mother is /pissed./"
Izuku sighs, knowing Mitsuki thinks her son told him not to visit. He used to try that, but he stopped around high school.

Still, their past is sticky.

"It wasn't your fault, I was up almost all night last night." Izuku admits before yawning.

"Just let me gut Monoma already."
"No," Izuku cuts in.

"Ten seconds and all your sleep deprivation is gone, then I can go back to never having to drag your ass to my apartment." Katsuki snarls, small pops snapping in his palms as he glares at the door.

"That's sweet Kacchan," Izuku says around a smile.
He ducks when Katsuki swings a punch at his head, well used to this. It still makes him smile.

"I was talking to someone about moving into their apartment," Izuku says, leg kicking out to sweep Katsuki's ankles.

He jumps and jabs an elbow in Izuku's hip.

"Finally moving out?"
Izuku whines and rubs at his hip. "Why are you so mean, Kacchan?" He moans, poking Katsuki in the shoulder.

"Deku." Katsuki says with a snap.

"Yes, okay? I'm packing after I talk to the RA." Izuku holds up a hand and covers a yawn, feeling sleep still dragging his limbs around.
"You're sure you can trust some fucking /stranger?/" Katsuki asks, reaching out to fix Izuku's shirt. Izuku lets him, knowing Katsuki's got the weirdest ways to show affection.

"Well it's not like I have any other choices. And /you/ sure don't have room at /your/ house."
"Deku, I have /six/ roommates." Katsuki growls. "If you even /thought/ about moving in with me, I'd break your nose."

Izuku laughs and puts a hand on his doorknob. "I know, Kacchan, I know. Besides, it would get... /awkward/ with Kirishima and-"

"Shut up." Katsuki looks away.
He nods and pushes the door open. "Monoma, I'm going-"

"-out, yes, I /know/ what day it is, unlike you." Monoma says with a scoff.

"You /sure/ I can't just hit him /once?/" Katsuki grumbles.

"Unfortunately." Izuku grumbles back. "Give me a minute, I'll get my bag."
"I'll be down at the car." Katsuki catches Monoma's eye and /barks/ at him before he stomps to the stairs.

"Your friend is a /freak./" Monoma decides. Izuku tries not to start anything, he's going to be out of here by the weekend, things will be fine if he waits.


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Izuku feels like he drops into Katsuki's passenger seat ten pounds heavier, but he doesn't mind a /single bit./ Mitsuki has always overfed him, and he's always had a to-go bag that sits at his feet. She insists that he's 'part of the family.' It embarrasses Katsuki.
Katsuki sits even heavier than Izuku does, face surprisingly neutral as he shoves his keys in the ignition. The car rumbles to life and Izuku feels warmth spread through the seat beneath him. It lulls him into an even worse food fog, but he wouldn't change it for the world.
The car isn't new, it smells like leftover curry, but not in a bad way. It smells like the time Kirishima got excited and spilled the box of take out in the floorboard.

Izuku remembers how they'd leaned into one another and laughed, faces close and...

He looks out the window.
"You're quiet," Katsuki mutters.

"I'm suffering from the oncoming food coma, let me live."

"You don't suffer from food coma's. Not since you got that fucking quirk." Katsuki turns down the road. The air between them gets bitter and Izuku sighs.
"We've talked about this."

"You've talked about it," Katsuki reaches to flip on the radio, but Izuku stops him.

"Kacchan." Izuku puts his hand back on the wheel. "Are you still upset?"

"Oh for fuck's sake Deku, we were fifteen!" Katsuki yanks his hand away.
"Fifteen wasn't that long ago." Izuku snaps.

"It was /six/ years ago!" Katsuki pulls up to a red light and grips the steering wheel until his knuckles go white.

"Then why are you /still/ upset?" Izuku asks, sitting up in the seat.
"I'm /not!/" Katsuki shouts loud enough that Izuku flinches. He remembers things flying over his head, loud bangs going off by his ears, fists in his stomach. "I'm... I'm not." He whispers the words and tenses his shoulders.

Izuku swallows and rubs the scar tissue over his arm.
A tense silence settles between them until Katsuki lets out a long, exhausted sigh. "Sorry," he mutters, turning down the road as the light switches green. "It's... you know, being around mom."

Izuku nods, looking down at the bag between his feet.
"It's okay," Izuku whispers after what feels like hours.

"It's not," Katsuki says before he pulls into Izuku's dorm garage. "I hate yelling at you."

"You don't," Izuku says with a smirk.

"Okay, you're right, I don't." Katsuki takes his keys out of the ignition.
"But I'm better than that, so... I'm sorry." He looks down at his lap before reaching up to ruffle his own hair. "Anyway, tell me about this person you're moving in with."

It's an obvious subject change, but Izuku will let him have this. Their past is a landmine after all.
"He's really hot." Izuku says with a grin, and that makes Katsuki roll his eyes.

"You thought Four Eyes was hot." Katsuki counters.

"Tenya's /really/ hot!" Izuku slaps a hand to his chest. "I wish he would have cream pied me."

"You're disgusting."

"I know."
Katsuki sighs and rubs his temples. "Anyway, go on, this hot guy?"

"Right!" Izuku leans forward, elbow on his knee and chin on his palm. "He's hot enough to be a model, and pretty goofy." He grins at the thought of Shouto. "And his quirk is amazing!"

"You think every quirk is."
"Yeah but he has two! Like I do!" Izuku argues.

"You have like... twelve." Katsuki says.

"Only two right now though, stop side tracking me." Izuku waves him off. "He's just... god, have I said he's hot?"


"I want him to-"

"And he has long hair, and pretty eyes, and I think he wants me to be his sugar baby but-"

"He wants you to be his /what?/"

"-and I'm pretty sure I signed a contract with him so I don't pay rent with money, but like... with my body? Which I'm fine with because-"

"You /what?/"
"-like I said he's /so/ hot and I'm-"

"Deku what is /wrong/ with you!"

"-totally into him and I would be down to be his house pet or whatever and-"

"Shut the fuck up!"

"-I think he's into like kitten play? Which I'm down for I just-"

Katsuki slaps a hand over his mouth.
Izuku tries to continue talking, but the palm over his mouth makes it difficult. He glares at Katsuki and opens his mouth, but gets a sharp poke to the shoulder.

"If you fucking lick me I swear to god I will throw you out of this car." Katsuki warns.

Izuku huffs, arms crossed.
"I... am so angry with you right now." Katsuki scolds. "You just... I /know/ you hate Monoma-"

Izuku attempts to say 'Hate is a strong word,' but again, the hand is over his mouth.

"-but you just signed a contract with a /complete stranger/ only because he was hot?"
Izuku sighs through his nose, but nods.

"That fact that you're alive is a miracle," Katsuki says before rubbing his temples. "This dude is going to kill you in your sleep."

'He won't!' Izuku says through his palm.

"You don't know that, all you know is that he's hot!"
Izuku whines and tries to shove Katsuki's hand away.

"Do you even know his fucking name?" Katsuki asks.

Izuku nods. Katsuki rolls his eyes and pulls his hand away.

"Say again?"

"Shouto Todoroki!" Izuku snaps. Katsuki slaps his hand back over Izuku's mouth, eyes growing wide.
Izuku screams behind his palm.

"No." Katsuki says, more serious than Izuku has ever heard him. Izuku smacks him in the elbow. "No, no you /will/ fucking /not./ Don't you go anywhere /near/ that freak of god damn science and nature! That mother fucking cursed ass monster!"
Izuku stares at Katsuki in utter confusion.

"I'm serious Deku, stay /away/ from Shou-" He screams when Izuku licks his palm. "Fuck you!" The passenger side door jerks open and the next thing Izuku knows, he's flat on the pavement.

A bag drops on his chest.
His mouth tastes horrifying and yet surprisingly sweet.

Oh, right.

Nitroglycerin sweat.

"This is how you end up in the fucking hospital you good for nothing piece of dumb ass shit lord fuck headed-"

"Will you shut the fuck up?!" Someone shouts as they throw open their window.
"Say that with my dick down your-"

"Kacchan stop!" Izuku shrieks, face aflame.

Katsuki /growls,/ barking once at Izuku like he barks at Monoma. Izuku raises a single eyebrow at him. Katsuki flushes. "Shut up, it's a-"

"I know what it is." Izuku gets to his feet.
"Doesn't mean you get to bark at me though." Izuku holds his bag under one arm, dusting off his butt with his other hand. "And what do you have against Shouto? He's really sweet."

Katsuki scoffs, still leaning out of the passenger side door. "He's a /freak/ of nature, Deku."
"So are you." Izuku mutters, not looking up.

"Real mature, but I'm serious. The man eats /rocks./ For /fun./ He doesn't even have quirk harden teeth, he just pops them into his mouth like they're candy. And the /bugs./"

"The bugs?" Izuku raises an eyebrow again.
"We don't talk about the bugs." Katsuki hisses.

"You /just/ brought them up!" Izuku snaps.

"Just... don't room with him, promise me Deku." Katsuki sits up.
"I... I /can't,/ Kacchan. I already signed the contract." Not that he /wants/ to break it. He wants to room with Shouto now more than ever.

"Then I'll help you fucking /break/ it! If I have to kick someone out of my house to make room for you I-"
"Katsuki," Izuku feels One for All crackle across his skin. "Shut up. Don't you /ever/ say that. I know I joke about it but if you /ever/ put any of your friends out on the street I'd-"
"Oh pull your panties out of your ass crack, I'd never actually kick my losers out. They're /my/ losers." Katsuki groans and scrubs both hands over his face. "Please just... don't jump into this Deku. I /know/ Shouto."

"Okay, but /how/ do you know him?" Izuku wonders.
"Long story, but we-" he jumps when his phone goes off on the dashboard. "Shit, hold on." He sits up and picks up his phone. "It's Eiji."

Izuku hisses. "Right, that's my cue. Talk to you later." He turns on his heel and runs for the doors.
"Deku! We're not done here!" Katsuki shouts.

"Yeah we are, like I said talk to you later Kacchan!" Izuku slams the front door to his dorm building shut and closes his eyes.

What has he gotten himself /into./


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Izuku gets the boxes he needs for the move the way all broke college kids get boxes. He walks through a grocery store on stock night and asks the attendants if he can have the empties.

They say yes, obviously, because that means they don't have to break them down.
He fills his trunk with broken down cardboard and drives home, then carries the mess upstairs in three separate trips.

Monoma isn't there right now, so Izuku opens up his laptop and starts a playlist he has for cleaning as he begins taking posters down.
He rolls the posters up and sticks them all in a long box. After an hour, he's staring at blank walls. The string lights over his bed come down easy enough, and when he steps off his desk chair and rolls the string around a paper towel roll, he's surprised by the door opening.
Monoma stares at him, two bags in hand, stunned.

"You're... packing?" He sounds confused.

"Yeah, I'm moving out this weekend." Izuku offers a smile before he sets the string lights in a separate box. That's going to be the rest of his desk once he packs it up.
"Oh." Monoma stands in the doorway for a solid minute as Izuku puts away pens in a little zip bag that has 'GO BEYOND' printed on it in glitter. He expects yelling any minute, or confrontation, or gloating, maybe?

Lord knows Monoma likes to gloat.

But... that doesn't happen.
He closes their door and goes to sit at the table, setting both bags down. "I... got us dinner." Monoma mutters.

He does that sometimes.

"Thanks, I'll need it for when-"

"Was I really that bad?" Monoma cuts in.

Izuku pauses. "I... there's no polite way to say yes, is there?"
Monoma snorts. "No, there isn't." He sighs and opens the bags. "Sorry, for what it's worth."

Izuku believes him, but there are certain things he's too tired to forgive. He takes a break to eat with Monoma though, even if it's in silence.

Afterwards, Monoma huffs. "Need help?"
"Nah, I've got this." Izuku smiles and stands back up, putting the trash away. "If my music gets too loud, let me know?"

Monoma nods, then walks to his bed. He sits down and digs his headphones out of his dresser. Any serious talk they might have needed to have is shut down.
It's alright though, it fits with the dynamic the two of them have had since the moment they met. Monoma is a brash, loud, very competitive sort of person. Izuku... is not. The only person he gets competitive with is Katsuki, but that's a whole separate kettle of fish.
Monoma being quiet and not prying into Izuku's business is bizarre, but it's welcome. They spend the rest of the day not talking, Monoma moving around Izuku as he packs up his laundry, his textbooks, what little nonsense he still owns.
When he's done taping the last of his boxes and writing on them with marker, he sets them all at the foot of his bed. After that, he sits down, plugs his phone in, and pulls up his contacts.

He opens Shouto's and smiles, biting the inside of his cheek as he starts typing.
Once the address was secured, Izuku saved it in his phone and smiled, leaning back against his pillows. His tongue darted out across his bottom lip and he paused, then started typing again.
Izuku blinks, then squints at his phone.
Izuku huffs and switches text chats.
He swaps back to Shouto's messages before Katsuki can properly respond.
Smiling, Izuku starts to put his phone away, but he has a new notification from Katsuki to read. He swipes over and snorts so loudly that it attracts Monoma's attention.

"Nothing important." Izuku whispers.

Monoma nods and goes back to his kin/dle.

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