Imagine if, say, NSA, or Google, or NIST or whatever, invented a magic tool that doubled the effectiveness and output of infosec/the cybersecurity industry. What would such a tool be worth? What would society pay for such a thing?
Now recognize that a huge fraction of the current and potential workforce suffer discrimination so systemically that they choose to leave, self-reduce output, make fewer moonshot risks, and otherwise deal day-to-day with emotional trash that diminishes their productivity
That's what bigotry is. It doesn't just make some people's lives hell for no reason beyond the circumstances of their birth, it's also just an absolutely insane deadweight crippling the effectiveness of any industry that tolerates it.
Even if you're so devoid of humanity that you can't treat it as an obvious moral question, you can still treat it as a basic question of efficiency and still get to the same answer: no bigot's contributions will ever come close to the harm they do from pushing others out.
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