romanticizing recovery - a thread
the feeling of being able to go to a new local restaurant to get breakfast with a friend without feeling guilt but rather excitement.
the feeling of going to the movies with loved ones (or on your own) and getting your favorite snack to dig into while the beautiful visuals of the movie knocks you off your feet.
the feeling of traveling and you finally get to rest at a pit stop, and you get yourself a treat to help pull you through the last steps of the journey.
the feeling of cooking a new recipe for yourself after a relaxing day.
the feeling of being in control of yourself around food, allowing you to enjoy yourself in moderation & feel good about it.
the feeling of having a fresh pastry or baked good in the morning.
the feeling of going to get a drink for yourself and ordering something you enjoy, ignoring the low cal option.
the feeling that you can get up without seeing stars. the feeling that you can jokingly start a game of tag with people and run without getting exhausted. the feeling that you can eat when you’re hungry because your body NEEDS it.
the feeling that you’re helping your body grow and heal. the feeling that you’re securing your future to allow endless possibilities. the feeling of doing something for yourself because you’re worthy of love. the feeling of not being afraid of going to the doctor.
the feeling that you can go on walks with your loved ones and have a picnic without needing a break or saying you might pass out. the feeling that you’re free & no longer need to hide such a deadly secret. the feeling of perseverance and bravery for continuing your fight.
the feeling that you are enough, and nothing can change that. the feeling of dancing in a field without losing your breath. the feeling of doing exercise because you enjoy making your body strong- not because you’re worried of gaining. the feeling of relief.
the feeling of waking up in the morning curious of what you’ll eat this morning- minus the debilitating hunger pains. the feeling of a healing throat. the feeling of being able to give yourself reasonable portions because you trust yourself.
the feeling of freedom. the feeling of healthy hair and being able to style it how you choose. the feeling of strong nails to be kept either long or short. the feeling of being well rested. the feeling of recovery.
i also want to add: being able to put in effort into your relationships & hobbies because you finally have enough energy to do so <3
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