i have a feeling that--
EP10 - el!mination + mini test from svt + intro for 3rd test
EP11 - 3rd test performances + prods' ranking el!mination + intro for the 4th/last test
EP12 - 4th test + live perfromances + last day of global voting + final team member
this is only my assumption since it's too early to show 2 el!iminations tonight. ++we still don't have any idea what the 3rd test is all about and we usually get previews or teasers for their performances in each test (unless mnet release them later before the ep)+
i don't think they will fit 2 el!minations and 3rd test in one whole episode. bcs it's too much content and we will be only left with 4th test

lastly, inthink EP12 will be broadcast live... live performances and live global voting
if all the sh!t i said didn't happen.. please pretend that you didn't see this thread 🙈🙈🙈🙈
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