Everything the Democrats have been doing, encouraging & ENABLING since their failed impeachment has been an exercise in **escalation**
Impeachment tanks?
Here comes a "Completely Unintentional" #COVID19 PANDEMIC!
I'm STILL waiting for the MSM to "discover" the chemistry Head of Harvard University, Dr. Charles Lieber spent nine months of every year in WUHAN CITY assisting the CCP in building a Level 4 Bio Lab.
They keep saying "oh it was just about non disclosure of CCP funding."
From 2012-2017 Dr Lieber was assisted the Wuhan University of Technology in building that Lab.
It went online in January of 2018.
Then SOMETHING HAPPENED in December of 2019.
But note how President Trump couches the Pandemic=
"We were ATTACKED! This was an ATTACK!"
CCP Case Officers flee back to China as their Smuggling "Mules" get pinched trying to flee the US in a hasty & panicked flight trying to escape with more "biological materials."
It looks like the Agents KNEW Zheng was smuggling stolen biological materials.
Then we get hit with a pandemic the very next month.
President Trump struggles to save American Lives as the government tries to learn about a new, novel virus.
He Bans flights from China as the Democrats ESCALATE calling him a racist.
Come out to MARDI GRAS!
President Trump ASKS Americans to socially distance & remain at home for 15 Days to "slow the spread."
1 Day before that time was up he ASKED for a month.
We gave it to him.
The Democrats ESCALATED this into LOCKDOWNS & Mask Laws.
Sensing the PATTERN here?
Texas & Florida begin phases of reopening as Deep Blue Cities Lock Down for indeterminate periods & predict TX & FL will become giant graveyards.
We ignore them & get on with our lives as they begin implementing DRACONIAN MEASURES on their trapped populations.
Welp, looks like President Trump beat the pandemic!
Cue their long planned INSURRECTION!!
A Rando Black Thug who actually died of a Fentanyl overdose becomes the Patron Saint of their NU Religion/Movement to burn down America.
Here's a highlight of the #SilentWAR being fought on America's Streets.
The Minnesota Governor said FOREIGN OPERATIVES were engaged in systemic arson on May 29th.
The next day it all stopped.
St. Paul PD claims they stopped "several" vehicles but EVERYONE GOT AWAY.
Several means more than two.
Occupied multiple times.
EVERYONE got away?
Do you know how RARE that is?
Ok, since they're BURNING DOWN YOUR CITY you might want to put out their DESCRIPTION, right?
What's that? NO DESCRIPTION?
That's because they didn't get away.
They got GOT!
#Abracadabra! I wanna reach out an GRAB YA!!

They never knew what hit them.
So, how can US Special Forces operate LEGALLY on US Soil?
Posse Comitatus, right?
THE STAFFORD ACT enacted during the Pandemic.
The Dems never saw THAT coming! HAH!
The Stafford Act allows the US Military to operate on US Soil in a ** LAW ENFORCEMENT ROLE**
The Vile Forces driving all of this thought President Trump would CRACK DOWN HARD like they would.
Then their operatives would foment a Kent State 2.0 & crowbar Trump out of Office.
He watched & LISTENED at the elbows of the Left's Movers & Shakers for THREE DECADES.
The Military is here COVERTLY.
Assessing, Identifying, gathering Intel & occasionally STRIKING.
But you'll never see them.
The Democrats FREAKED & #DefundThePolice was born
To satisfy the BERNIE WING (Antifa) they set about destroying Statues & began attacking America's Founders while some Insaniacs in Seattle set up the CHAZ/CHOP.
Did you know there were 500 HOMES in that Lawless Zone?
Patrolled by Armed Thugs who proved they'd shoot.
During a Rally just now President Trump said Seattle cleared the Chop 1 day before he was going to go in.
Well, that's TECHNICALLY true.
Someone visited the Chop Leaders Antifa claims they don't have in Seattle.
It looked like THIS.
Then the CHOP folded.
The next Democrat "fire" Trump had to put out was in Portland OR where Antifa was attacking the Federal Courthouse every night.
So Trump deployed Federal Teams & started charging the Rioters federally.
The Democrats IMMEDIATELY ran to their rescue.
A deal was struck between Governor Brown & the Trump Admin. to have Oregon State Police defend the Courthouse & the Feds would remain inside.
This would have worked even thought the blatant LYING MSM said the Feds had LEFT Portland.
They hadn't.
The deal immediately fell apart.
Portland DA Mike Schmidt IMMEDIATELY RELEASED every Rioter the OSP arrested.
The Feds only came out to put out fires at the Courthouse.
Antifa began going into residential neighborhoods to create the CONFLICT it needs to survive with predictable results.
The Rioting was beginning to falter.
Jacob Blake!
Kenosha goes up in flames similar to Minneapolis.
3 Days of rioting culminating in a shooting leaving 2 dead.
Trump "immediately" takes steps to put the fire out.
It works.
After hours of confrontations between a Trump Caravan of Vehicles & Antifa comes the targeted assassination of Aaron (Jay) Danielson.
He was targeted simply for being a Trump Supporter.
I've covered at length how STUPID confronting Antifa is.
Now I learn the PROUD BOYS intend to hold a Rally IN Portland in Late September.
A Charlottesville 2.0 is inbound.
If they go through with that they're being run by Political Operatives working for the Democrats.
There's no excuse for this other than to harm Trump's reelection
Veteran adrenaline junkies & rowdies eager to rumble don't impress me one bit.
If they go through with this they're just a mirror of Antifa dancing THEIR dance.
Stupidly being USED as a means to an end.
Hopefully those manipulating them wear a condom.
If we're lucky, Trump...
...will have Portland resolved by the 20th.
Antifa is now AMBUSH MURDERING people in Portland.
Stay away & let the STAFFORD ACT take care of it.
Professionals with training, gear & weapons you can't imagine are IN PLAY.
Don't be fooled or taken in.
Trump's got this!
Someone recently said "STAY HOME. MAKE MONEY. GO VOTE."
I'm told it was Cernovitch.
Whoever it was= #RockON!
Priceless advice!
Trump is going to have to work THREE TIMES AS HARD NOW because "Patriots" are now positioning to rumble with Antifa & RUIN EVERYTHING.
I hope all these Guys hear in the coming weeks is CRICKETS in those Deep Blue Cities where they're going to go looking for a fight.
Portland is now dead quiet at night!
Let's hope that quiet can be spread to very Democrat Hell Zone!
If anyone can do it, it's President Trump!
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