Niall wearing headphones ~ an unnecessary but cute thread🎧🎧
Fetus Niall just looks really cute with headphones 🥺🎧
Wearing headphones around his neck with caps on his head....this sure is a casual look😉🧢🎧
Headphones + glasses...perfect combination🤓🎧
Same radio show, just different years...🥺🎧

2012 2019
Cute selfies with headphones
Horantine selfies with headphones while working on music 🥰🎵🎧🎶
That side profile will always kill me, that too with headphones 😍🎧
Most softest and very cuddly selfies with headphones around that floofy hair🥺😍🥰🎧
Wearing headphones during different radio shows throughout the years.....that smile will never change😁😍🎧
Black and White pictures of Niall wearing headphones while recording songs 🎵🎙🎶🎧
Niall casually being a model while wearing headphones...handsome man😍🎧
Again wearing headphones during various radio interviews...that smile is still there 😁🥰🎧
Now some extremely cute gifs of Niall wearing headphones

Niall goofing around with the headphones 😄🎧
Niall being super adorable with headphones on and laughing about something 🥺🥰🎧🤳
Niall looking extra soft here with those headphones 🥺🥺🎧
The classic gif, my favourite!! Niall wearing the pilot headphones (with mic) and glasses, doing the sexy pout😎😚✌🎧
The best gif....when he does that thing with his tongue (plus white headphones) ☺🎧
His eyes are just so beautiful here and those headphones make him look even more beautiful 🥺😍🎧
Niall recording while being of his most fav thing to do, plus he looks really cute with those old style headphones 😄😁🎧🎙
Niall being sarcastic is my absolute favourite thing and those headphones sure do look good on those blonde highlights 😌🎧
Niall just vibing to a song (that is being played in those headphones)...he sure is a mood😁🎧🎶
Yes he is a very handsome Irish lad in those headphones 😌🎧😍
Ughhhh i just love his laugh plus can we just admire how amazing he looks with those headphones and glasses 🥺😍🤓🎧🥰
Last but not the least, Niall recording Fire Away (and looking extra good with those headphones)
So that is the end of my I said this is nothing major, I just felt like making a thread & I thought since he looked extremely cute in headphones, I'll do it☺🎧

With that note, get your headphones on & make sure you're streaming #HBW1B
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