I love capitalism it's like...fuck ur access to healthcare, go die; fuck ur access to life, go die; fuck u, go die. But here's a lavender kombucha to swallow that all down with & ahhhhh isn't that refreshing?! All u need is some bubbly aromatherapy to better stomach the bullshit!
The problem is YOU! But luckily we can FIX YOU! Just stop thinking about reality and swallow it. Wash it down with some fermented purple relaxing flower. There there now, just like that, go on and internalize it. Ahhhhh!
The purple bubbly relax flower is v nice. I admit I had a moment with it, which ultimately compelled this thought cascade. Bc it would taste even nicer and more refreshing in a world that wasn't designed to make life suffering for most and then blame us, ourselves, for it.
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