In honour of #ExtinctionRebellion @ExtinctionR
Mini #solarpunk postcards from the future: episode n°3, we'll keep them going while they keep on going!
#WeWantToLive #ActNow #CEEbill
In 2045 Ember (they/them) is a freelance artist who usually works from home, but WFH is not how it used to be in the 2020s. Their house is spacious and well insulated: it costs next to nothing to run and municipal broadband is free...(/)
Working hours are also much shorter: recent reforms have brought the working week to 3 days, so Ember has plenty of time to take care of themself, tend to their allotment and head down to the community spaces for a little bit of socializing...(/)
When they doesn't feel like staying at home, they heads to the municipal co-work. When they is working for a client, the company pays for the access token. When they is working for their personal project, they can get discounted access as a local artist...(/)
At the co-work they can engage with a large community of practice. Thanks to improved welfare measures, people are much more likely to work with what they love, rather than settling for survival: art scenes have exploded and are more vibrant than ever!
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