MewGulf : The Eyes are the Window to Your Soul
Isn't eyes what tells us everything about what mewgulf feel for each other? Often their eyes convey this message of appreciation like they are drinking in each other's features, taking in and appreciating everything about the other.
MewGulf find it comforting to look in to each other's eyes because they're always so warm and welcoming for them.
Sometimes, we often find it in Gulf, in how quickly he averts his eyes when he gets caught staring at Mew. This is usually because he might have a certain crush. 🥺
As for Mew, an intense eye contact usually with a smile can often express adoration and feelings of love towards the other.
Dilated pupils means that they like what they are seeing 😏
The way MewGulf's eyes glisten for each other is a complete significance of how strong their attraction or even love for each other is. I do believe that they have a love that is so strong and deep which is very rare to find these days.
The biggest indication of MewGulf's love for each other are perhaps their eyes, because eyes have the ability to express real and raw emotions. When they look at each other it's like the world around them stops and everyone can see what a beautiful relationship they have.
I wanted to do this for a long time because I started believing in mewgulf because of the love I see in their eyes, hope this thread was okay, it's a bit messy and over the place but I hope to keep adding on to this thread as time goes 🥺
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