folks asking me why i wanna tear down mulan when the cast is all asian, and i don't know who needs to hear this, but representation alone isn't gonna save us. did you not listen to john boyega at all this week about disney and how tokenizing their views of race are
reminder that john wasn't just talking about himself, he explicitly named kelly marie tran as being treated this way by disney as well. more asians on the screen doesn't mean a damn thing when it's either "this is an all-asian movie" or we get the rose tico treatment
all of this doesn't mean anything if nothing's changed with the people in charge. we're so easily sold on a film when the cast is all asian that we ignore the white director saying an asian director couldn't make this film as well as her. that we ignore how racist disney has been
also, imo, it's not a win for asian representation if the only time we get asian characters with dialogue and storylines is when everyone in the movie is asian, we don't only exist in an asian-only realm separated from the rest of the world, send tweet
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