Some still think the present malaise can be blamed on specific people or events, as if it can all go back to normal. But this is no longer tenable; history only moves in one direction.

The liberal paradigm is dead, and needs replacement, not revival.
To actually replace a paradigm, you need to dig through the bottom of your rotten worldview, and drop the abstractions, to re-find the lower level foundations: what actually motivates us? What is the world we actually live in?

Refocus on power, teleology, and natural law.
To get out of a broken worldview, you need to see the anomalies and exceptions not as corruptions or errors, but as bits of truth shining through.
For example, that Russia could annex Crimea is a sign of healthy flexibility of the international order. Its purpose is not to impose rules, but to reflect the realities of power.

American alliances with autocracies are there for good reason, not corruption. Find out what it is.
Reevaluation of ones worldview can look like nihilism, and should use nihilism tactically, but it isn't.

It's actually a higher idealism. It is the faith that the world is good, and that we can build a better world by breaking down our feelgood dogmas to find beautiful truth.
The purpose of Palladium magazine from the beginning has been to facilitate this disillusionment and re-growth of an idealistically pragmatic political worldview. History is ripe for it, but we have to do the work.

We laid out our plan in 2018:
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