. @Facebook is banning every campaign, committee, & citizen from running new ads in the final week of the election. Only ONE special group is exempt from this ban.

The Liberal Corp Media

They will be the ONLY voice in America that @finkd has chosen not to silence in the final 7d
TODAY @finkd (Zuck) made this decision:

In the final 7 days of our United States Election, WaPo can run ads paid for by the Chinese Communist Party, targeted at swing voters, with false attacks on @realDonaldTrump. BUT Facebook has BANNED TRUMP from responding to false attacks.
When Dems drop another phony Russian dossier in the final week of the election, what will happen?

#FakeNews media will run wild with it. They'll launch new ads targeted at swing voters pushing the lies. @finkd has banned TRUMP from defending against attacks during the FINAL week
Facebook has banned the President from running new ads during the final 168 Hours of the election.

The most important time, when more Americans are paying attn than ever before.

When millions are looking for info to make their decision, the BIGGEST platform is banning TRUMP.
Do not believe FB. Their motivation is only to cover their ass.

They're shutting down speech of good actors bc they do a poor job of policing the bad actors.

Every new rule is applied unevenly against conservatives by FB's liberal staff. Each is a new weapon against the right.
. @realDonaldTrump's ads will be blocked. Conservatives will be blocked...

but FB's staff will just so happen to miss the ads coming from the left, attacking Trump.

Folding and shutting down shop on the largest platform in America is not leadership @finkd.

Cc @HawleyMO @tedcruz
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