The police are currently holding people on Lambeth Bridge, we have been advised this is illegal. If you or your friend are on the bridge, please contact @xrlegalsupport on [email protected] with details, so they can make a case against the met police. #ExtinctionRebellion
If you are currently on Lambeth Bridge, our legal team advise filming and chanting WE WANT TO LEAVE #WeWantToLive #LambethBridge #metpolice #ExtinctionRebellion thanks @xrlegalsupport @netpol @XRNorthampton
The police are currently stopping people leaving Lambeth Bridge, and making arrests, watch live here, or go down to support. WE WANT TO LEAVE #WeWantToLive #ExtinctionRebellion #LoveRageRebel
"Let them leave! You're breaking the law!" Rebels chant outside the police line at Lambeth Bridge
Met Police have closed Lambeth Bridge to any traffic, and are stopping #ExtinctionRebellion critical mass leaving the bridge. This video shows how XR rebels respond to emergency services to let @Ldn_Ambulance pass through road blocks. #WeWantToLive
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