Those touched by gun violence have often been important advocates for gun control. Maggie Burtinshaw was one such advocate. In 1973 her son Edward, 20, was killed by a teenager who had hidden inside a department store to steal unlocked rifles after the store closed. #cdnpoli 1/
Burtinshaw began to call for stronger gun laws. She came under attack from the gun lobby: “The gun lobbyists try to make me sound like a grieving, emotional mother.” She noted that many in the gun community seemed overly influenced by American gun culture rhetoric. #guncontrol 2/
Burtinshaw started a petition demanding stronger gun laws, and organized a panel that proposed the licensing of all owners and dealers, stronger storage laws, and stiffer penalties for gun crimes. #cdnhist 3/
In 1977, Burtinshaw travelled from BC to Ottawa where she presented the Liberal Minister of Justice Ron Basford with a chopped up shotgun in memory of her son and to urge the federal government to push forward with its proposed gun control measures. 4/
Later in 1977, the Liberal government passed legislation despite fierce opposition from gun groups. The act created the Firearms Acquisition Certificate system and prohibited automatic firearms, among other measures. #cdnpoli #guncontrol 5/ end
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