I often reflect on how deeply indebted I am to @VillanovaU for helping to shape me into the person I am today. During my time at VU, I was always seen as a person first and a student second. Faculty and staff were always kind, compassionate, and supportive. 1/
In particular, during the time my mom was ill & after she died, the university (and every professor I had) went the extra mile to make sure I was accommodated. When she passed, flowers and cards were sent. When I took medical leave, the uni made the process quick and simple. 2/
The care shown to me at VU has helped shape my priorities and goals as a friend, educator, and person. I've written about radical compassion as a core value, and this is largely because I saw firsthand how this person-first approach can transform the lives of others. 3/
Further, VU shaped my commitment to service. Whether it is volunteering in the community, getting together with friends on the Days of Service, or acting as a representative of the university, all students are actively encouraged to get involved in a meaningful way. 4/
I am particularly grateful for the diversity requirements embedded into Villanova's educational curriculum. These exposed me to Psych of Gender (currently the area of my PhD) and Women, Sexuality, and the Veil (which challenged my assumptions about privilege and oppression). 5/
VU is an Augustinian university, and religion is a central part of the Villanova experience. Even as someone who is not at all religious, I found the university allowed me to explore spirituality in a way that opened my mind to others' views and opened heart to possibilities. 6/
I do not agree with every position the university has taken, but I have been consistently impressed by the university's commitment to tolerance and openness, particularly toward the LGBTQ+ community, over the past several years. I am hopeful the uni continues on this path. 7/
All in all, I am deeply grateful for the four years I spent at @VillanovaU. I cannot imagine having a more positive or inspirational educational experience that I did. I would go back in a heartbeat. 8/8
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