In 2010, 388 billionaires controlled as much wealth as half of humanity. This number reduced to 177 in 2011, to 159 in 2012, to 92 in 2013, to 80 in 2014, to 62 in 2015, and it shriveled to 8 in 2017, and in 2018 the data was 5 [billionaires]

-Vandana Shiva
“If we continue on the path of capitalist patriarchy then we can be absolutely sure that our species, which emerged on this planet 200,000 years ago, could go extinct 100 years from now, by the destruction of the conditions of our very life.”

-Vandana Shiva
“Of course what is now being developed is the idea of farming without farmers. [Billionaires are saying] we don’t need farmers. We’re going to replace them with drones, driverless tractors, and robots. We don’t need workers... We don’t need real food.”

-Vandana Shiva
“...what is actually being saved by the Corona panic is a collapsing [world] economy that we should actually phase out of, because this economy has led to ecocide, accelerated femicide, genocide, and is a threat to the future.”
“the 2 key issues are the false assumption that humans are separate from nature and that powerful men are masters of nature [and] the false assumption that some race or religion is superior. All the violence we see around the world today is tied to the false idea of superiority”
“[billionaires] are talking about artificial intelligence making 99% of humanity redundant. The problem is that artificial intelligence is downloading the mechanical paradigm of the age of capitalist patriarchy, which will make us serfs.”
“the unique period in human history of 100 years of chemical agriculture, 300 years of fossil fuels, 500 years of colonialism is a mistake. It’s not who we are as human beings.... We are making a choice for life. Capitalist patriarchy has made a choice for death.”
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