Hello, does anyone know of any Indian NGOs that work with online teaching? I have time on my hands, and I hope I can make myself useful in the tiniest way possible. This is a shout in the void, but I hope someone comes through. #AcademicTwitter #IndianNGO #Nonprofit #volunteers
I used to be very involved when I was back home, but since I moved to CZ; the language barrier has been real. People here are wonderful, but my broken Czech (I am learning), comes in the way.
This has been frustrating. Then a friend mentioned, why don't I try contributing online. I don't know how real is that possibility; I do teach mathematics online to a student here- so I have the tools more or less. I hope this thread find somebody.
It will help me more than I'd help anyone. I haven't been home for such a long time, and slowly I feel like I am moving away from my roots. I need it, to have a sense of belonging to the place I grew up at, while being thousands of kilometres away.
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