There wasn’t many Aussie anons about when Q rolled up and I see many say Australia needs a Trump, needs a White Hat. I’m a drop you a thread, give you a little chance to catch on, symbolism works both ways. #WhiteHatsInControl WW🇦🇺
Q posts here. 8Kun. Note logo.
We all know & love the general.
Note the logo. 🙏❤️
Mike Rogers 💪🇺🇸🇦🇺 note the logo
Ghidra NSA. 👊🐸 note logo.
Obviously you could also be looking into what these bodies are doing. Foundation work for human prosperity?
Clive Palmer. Australia’s golden ticket. We the people.
Trust the plan. Back the patriots with all you got. #WWG1WWGA
Armor Of God.
Some of you knew this was coming your whole lives. We The People.
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