When I was first starting out in teaching I was very anti-knowledge rich curriculum and very pro-experiential learning and learning to learn. Now I've done a couple of years I've realised you have to have the knowledge to do the experiential learning. #edutwitter
You still need to learn to learn, in my opinion, and learning should be cemented where possible with practical, hands on teaching. But the knowledge isn't a secret #edutwitter
In my role with autistic people I actually don't teach loads of knowledge-based stuff, it's more self-awareness and independence. But there is knowledge to be learned there. When pasta is cooked. How to follow a recipe. The social model of disability #edutwitter
This thread bought to you by actually reading @teacherhead's book in depth. As a trainee I thought I knew best. As an RQT in a leadership role, I realise I know very little. But there is so much to learn #edutwitter
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