May delete this later... The thing that *angers* me most is that there are people, predominantly white (but not all) - but definitely comfortable in life who have totally erased the working class from their narrative of privilege. It's so transparently selfish - a mechanism...
...that enables them to a) erase their own class privilege from their narratives of oppression and, more importantly, b) continue to exercise power over others.
Controlling speech IS POWER. Banning others is POWER. labelling those they want to "other" (boomers, cis) is POWER. They are not authentically of the left because they exploit the mechanisms of capitalism and contemporary discourse TO EXERT POWER.
And it is done it such a patronising, folksy way. Because it is contemptuous of those it perceives as lacking education - of lacking power - in the class structure.
And without realising that the freedom to do that, to be heard, to have that acted upon, is power.

"Look at me - I'm an ally for the powerless, policing your speech, naming your body, claiming your space, making you comply, getting you sacked".
We should stop calling them "woke". They are the postmodern bourgeoisie.
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