when jay got replaced, he comforted sunghoon in case he was feeling bad. when jungwon was having worries, jay immediately held out his hand to comfort him. after the diy team performed he gave them words of advice and encouragement incase they were feeling bad bc of the feed back
when they first entered, jay was the one to break the ice by talking. when sunoo was ordered to do push ups, jay made the whole team do it with him. k said jay helped cheer up the dna team during practice. when he was voted out of iland, he made it his motivation to prove himself
when they were gonna announce who were the trainees going to iland in ep 3, jay told the team to not cry but was the first one to do so. when they knew that hs was gonna pick members, he told everyone not to feel bad if they dont get picked
when rain visited them, he told rain that they werent going to do a certain move bc he said itd be still too dangerous for them. when they got scolded bc of that, jay took the blame and applied rains advice. when kms body hurt, he massaged him and told him he could go to iland
when daniel was having a hard time, jay listened to him and gave him advice even when he was having worries of his own. try to call him selfish once again i fucking dare you
when they were practicing for i&credible which was going to be ranked based on individual performance, he gave his individual practice time up to help and teach the others the steps. when niki was having worries about his voice , jay cheered encouraged him and said he could do it
when he knew he was ranked last, the thing he worried about was how to repay the people that supports him. when he was helping choose parts for diy, he thought of the strengths of his teammates first and then took the part that was left
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