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i am someone who identifies as nd but doesn't have a proper diagnosis, (ableist parents won't let me get one). if you follow me on tumblr and read my tags (does anyone actually read tags?) you might have heard me say i don't really love it when people re-blog (1/10)
my comics with tags like 'luz is a dumbass' or 'luz is so dense omg' - i see a lot of my nd traits in Luz and her reaction/lack of reaction to Amity's crush IS really relatable to me, not in that i think i'm stupid or dense but that i have a hard time properly interpreting (2/10)
peoples feelings towards me. So seeing ppl comment 'wow luz is so dumb' on my art does make me a little sad but honestly i'm so overexposed to ableism in my life IRL that it doesn't phase me much. you might be saying 'han, if you don't think luz is dumb, why do you make (3/10)
her out to be like that in your comics?' when i come up with a lot of the ideas for my comics i'm usually drawing from personal experience - i'm writing luz to be ME essentially. one thing i adore about this show is how relatable it is and SPECIFICALLY the relationship (4/10)
between amity and luz has helped me feel better about my misinterpretation of social cues/relationships and writing comics about this is part of a process i'm going through trying to help myself realize that that's okay. I know a lot of people find my comics humorous (5/10)
and I'm so glad because I want them to be, but it is a little disheartening when I see comments/tags like 'wow luz is an idot' etc. because I see myself in her. anywho dana's comment about luz being a 'bone head' did rub me the wrong way a bit but again i see that type of (6/10)
language on my tags and comments almost all day so I wasn't too phased. that being said i would really REALLY like to see less of this verbiage thrown around in the fandom. I know luz isn't necessarily canonically nd but i also know there are MANY nd fans who see (7/10)
themselves in luz and i'd hope we try to give them the respect they deserve. i don't have any hard feelings against anyone who's commented these type of things personally, i'm a very forgiving person, but i just thought i'd say something so i feel better. (8/10)
LAST THING: if you ever feel like any of my comics are offensive or ableist, please please tell me. I always want to be improving myself and my world view. I hope everyone knows that I want my acc to be a safe space for everyone and i'm willing to make changes so it is. (9/10)
anywho sorry for that very long, kinda depressing thread but this was kind-of on my chest and I felt like I needed to put it out there. and thanks for reading if you made it this far 🥰

END THREAD (10/10)
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