I’ve been dealing w/ QAnon for weeks (upwards of 10,000 comments/DMs) at this point because my boss @Scott_Wiener is the center of a QAnon conspiracy about an LGBTQ civil rights bill he authored.

On the bright side, I’ve learned some stuff! Thought it might be helpful to share:
1) People are often willing to talk and have their mind changed. They have been given bad info and don’t realize it, and appreciate the correct info.

2) Typical QAnon DMs skew more female and young than I would’ve guessed. I think that’s because...
3) A lot of this is stemming from QAnon-believing influencer types with a big following. These people look almost identical to non QAnon influencers, but they throw in some conspiracies alongside their outfit of the day and latte art photos.
4) Instagram stories are where this goes viral. People share and reshare over and over in stories. Things have been the worst for us by far on Instagram, though Twitter and Facebook are catching up.

5) Twitter has acted the quickest to take down false information.
ANYWAY. QAnon is awful, and it is consuming. But fundamentally I believe it’s a misinformation problem.

Good reporting matters. Talking to your friend or coworker who is posting this stuff matters. Twitter/FB/Insta acting quickly really, really matters.
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