Tonight’s feature.

My brother has never seen this.
*Stockard Channing speaks*
My brother: Barbara Stanwyck and her used to take the trolley.
My brother: Is *anyone* in this movie under 30??
My brother: When they filmed this they didn’t know that one day there’d be hi-def.
My brother: Where is Rydell High and why is everyone talking like it’s in Brooklyn?
My brother: Was Grease the Mamma Mia of its day?
My brother: Is that really Lorenzo Lamas??? What show was he in?? With the long hair??
Me: Was it... Renegade? I don’t know. I’m more familiar with his father.
My brother: Who’s that?!
Me: Fernando Lamas.
My brother: And his mother is Stockard Channing.
My brother: Nothing in this movie makes sense.
Joan Blondell and Alice Ghostley are VASTLY underused.
*Three minutes into Born to Hand Jive*
My brother: This movie is fucking nuts.
Olivia Newton-John showed up in her finale outfit and my brother has screamed “WHAT IS HAPPENING?” at the screen four times.
*Sandy and Danny take off in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang*
My brother:
My brother: I’m gonna google “the movie Grease is insane” and see what happens.
My brother has started reading the "Sandy is dying and the movie is her final hallucination" theory aloud and now *I* want to die.
I'll say this for Grease: Jeff Conaway was remarkably good.
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