CW: Sexual assault, childhood sexual assault

Be aware of Michael "Mickey" A. Windecker II who frequents Denver area anti-police protests.

He was convicted of 3rd degree sexual assault when he was 20 and the victim 14.
According to Mickey's IMDB, he works with kids through the D.A.R.E program and was a member of the French Foreign Legion.
If you look up Mickey's name, you'll find a number of people, claiming Mickey is a notorious liar and has made up his military involvement to get free stuff.
If you've attended anti-Police protests in the Denver area, you've probably seen Mickey in military fatigues. Here he is outside of the Aurora PD headquarters a month ago. Him and Cut The Plastic were bossing everyone around, making them form a line against a rumored kettle.
He also wears a GoPro for who knows what reason... Maybe so he can film people getting mad at them for filming them like Cut The Plastic does
Be careful around this dude. Probably wise not to let him in your protest space.
^ We only say this in such reserved terms because we're not from Denver. Y'all can handle your shit.
Since a bunch of stupidpol reactionaries are stanning for this guy, please take a few moments to learn about the reactionary socialist left.
Mickey has released a video responding to this thread that accuses us of being a cop (and later a Proud Boy) and has threatened to kill us and anyone who disrespects him by questioning the safety of his proximity to women, and children in protest spaces.
Mickey denies being a misogynist while calling us and people critical of him "bitches"

He also expresses zero acknowledgement of harm on his 14 year old victim, shifting the blame onto her for allegedly claiming she was 18.
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