Expanding on my post from the other night...with some added insight. A thread on #ChildhoodCancer
My sons Surgery to remove tumor cost $189k
Radiation treatment $127k a month for 2 months
His Inpatient chemo $23k just for room/board. (1/12)
Once you add in #chemotherapy drugs it was a 40k minimum.
Outpatient Chemo cost $1600 per dose
There were 9 cycles of chemo. That means 3 outpatient and 1 inpatient for every cycle.
While doing Radiation 5 days a week for 2 months he also had weekly Chemo. (2/12)
Add labs, MRI's, CT's, office visits, OT, PT, Hearing, Eye, Ortho, Endo, Drugs, ER Trips, caretaker for Derek, gas money, hotels, meals, therapy sessions, anti-depressants, leg braces, shoes that fit leg braces...
It adds up quick.
Over 1 mil in 22 months. (3/12)
I want you to think about this as you head to #vote nationally and locally.
Many of you have stood by our side through Derek's Cancer Battle.
You donated money. You watched the dog, watered plants, attended fundraisers, shoveled the walk, made a casserole. (4/12)
You were there for us.
Here is how you can continue to be there for us.
Locally vote for politicians that will expand #Medicaid in #SouthDakota. There is no reason we shouldn't be getting federal dollars from the #AffordableCareAct in this state. (5/12)
We just got a letter from #DSS that Derek will not be covered to see his Proton Radiation Doctor @MayoClinic anymore because there are services like that available in South Dakota.
No, DSS, there isn't.
No place in #SouthDakota provides proton radiation therapy. (6/12)
The specialists at @SanfordHealth sent us to @MayoRadOnc to save Derek's life.
Expansion of #obamacare would allow Derek to continue to see @n_laack .
Now if we choose to continue to see his specialist every visit to Mayo is out of pocket for us. (7/12)
There is no reason that any South Dakotan should have to rely on @gofundme, Church Pancake Breakfasts and bracelet sales so they don't lose their home due to a devastating sickness. If we voted to expand the #ACA no one would have to. (8/12)
I have a really hard time reconciling how kind and good people who have shown such love to us through Donelle's breast cancer and Derek's brain cancer are supporting a #POTUS who has repeatedly attempted to end the #AffordableCareAct (9/12)
Destruction of the #ACA means that #insurance companies would no longer be legally obligated to cover pre-existing conditions. Donelle and Derek could very easily lose coverage. Hell I could lose coverage. My mother. My in laws...so many friends and family members. (10/12)
I know what "he" says in interviews, that "he has a plan" & "no one will lose coverage"; but every single aggressive act he takes against the #ACA is a direct attack on my family.


#Election2020 can't be about party.
This has to be about #humanity. (11/12)
In #SouthDakota we care for one another, we lift one another, we are good neighbors? Right? We're still that, aren't we?
Then prove it at the polls.
Vote for compassion.
#childhoodcancerawarenessmonth (12/12)
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