1) Is the new civil war in #Montenegro close? What is the aim of false flag attacks and spreading hatred?!

Why #FakeNewsMedia, NGO's and liberals are purposely ressurecting 90s?!

Topic: Demonazing #Serbs - "Serbian Nationalism" & "Greater #Serbia" propaganda

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3) The first democratic election after 30 years didn't satisfied Montenegrin Bosniaks, Albanians and Croats who in the past actively advocated for multietnic and multicultural country, but without Montenegrin #Serbs in it. Apparently, Serbs don't deserve same religious rights. ⬇️
4) This is the main reason why they supported Milo, even though they were aware of his organized crimes and running a drug empire with #AlbanianMafia.

Milo is the embodiment of the ruler that they need - someone who accepted The Hague narrative ⬇️ https://twitter.com/boginjaproleca/status/1299769354603683841?s=19
5) of the 90's; a friend of all minorities except the Serbian one (which he personally reduced to the level of a minority in their own country); the biggest enemy of #ChristianOrthodox; a fighter against "Serbian nationalism", but also a fan of everyone else's nationalism... ⬇️
6) Milo lost, their fear and anger is present. His devastated supporters are calling for violence, burning & distroying cities of #Montenegro, raising false flags, spreading #FakeNews, organizing fabricated attacks in order to accuse Montenegrin #Serbs ⬇️ https://twitter.com/boginjaproleca/status/1300746346916388865?s=19
7) On the other hand, #FakeNewsMedia, self-proclamed journalists, human rights activists, NGO's financed by foreign parties, corrupt politicians (mostly liberals and democrats) ressurected 90's narrative such as "Serbian nationalism", "Greater Serbia", "Evil Chetnicks" etc... ⬇️
8) It's an interesting fact that they attacks on #Serbs are accompanied by an idetic narrative:

- pro-Serbian (Greater Serbia)
- clerical (fascist)
- nazist
- nationalists
- pro-Russian
- anti-EU

Smart person will realize that these attacks are coming from the same "kitchen" ⬇️
9) Yesterday, Serbian channel N1 (CNN sister company) hosted a Muslim journalist who said: "Even today, a quiet ethnic cleansing (?!) continues in the north of #Montenegro, like we are in 1992", accusing Bishop and leaders of "Greater Serbian" opposition - as he called them. ⬇️
10) If you're familiar with history, at least with basics, you are probably wondering how can WWII allies of nazi Germany & fascist Italy point a finger in #Serbs (who fought against ISIS in 1389, and against Faschists & Nazis in WWII) and label them as "Nazists" or "Fascists" ⬇️
11) Let's start from the beginning...

The close connection between #MuslimBrotherhood & #Germany has a long standing history. It started during #OttomanEmpire when Ottoman-German alliance was ratified in 1914, shortly following the outbreak of WWI. ⬇️ http://www.iiprc.org/from-past-to-present-relations-between-germany-and-turkey.html
13) In the book called "Unholy Terror", Schindler managed to expose the myths of "peaceful Islam" and the hidden Islamic Jihad, particularly in #Bosnia. He described a timeline & events from the Islamization of Bosniaks until today's Bosnian Jihadists. ⬇️ https://leejaywalker.wordpress.com/tag/john-r-schindler-is-the-author-of-unholy-terror/
14) The #Islamization of Albania occurred as a result of the Ottoman conquest of Albania during the late 14th century, as Albanians in went from being a largely Christian (Catholic and Orthodox) population to one that is mainly Muslim. During Ottoman Empire, those ones who ⬇️
15) accepted to convert to Islam, had a pleasure to enjoy the great benefits given by the Ottomans.

This is the reason why Albanian leaders were given to be in charge of 4 Turkish vilayets: Skadar, Janina, Kosovo and Bitola - the territory of so called "Greater Albania". ⬇️
16) The Congress of Berlin (1878) had given Austria-Hungary the right to occupy and administer Bosnia-Herzegovina temporarily, but the unilateral annexation was greeted with protests from the European powers. What came next was Horistoricizing #Bosnia.

17) Speaking of Austria-Hungary, there have been numerious documented photographs of #ChristianOrtodox #Serbs, both soldiers and civilians, brutally massacred by Australians. ⬇️
18) Following the breakup of Ottoman Empire, shorty after Ottomans and Austria-Hungary were defeated by the #BalkanLeague in the #BalkanWars, the land of 4 Turkish villayets were given to members of Balkan League - #Serbia (got #Kosovo), #Montenegro and #Greece. ⬇️
19) Bulgaria, even though defeated, managed to get some land as well.

Albanians, who just at the end of Balkan Wars turned back to Ottomans, were given the territory of Albania only, although they had a bizzare requirement - to get the land of so called "Greater Albania". ⬇️
20) There's no #Serb who will speak about #Kosovo and Metochia without mentioning the #BattleOfKosovo (1389).

The world "Metochia" comes from a Greek word "Metoch" - "land of churches". Serbian heritage includes over 1300 Serbian Orthodox churches and monasteries in #Kosovo.
21) Speaking of #Kosovo, the Arnauts in Kosovo-Metochia were originally ethnolinguistic #Serbs who became in the course of time Albanized and Islamized.

It is estimated that in 1912 Arnauts comprised around 1/3 of the total Albanian-speaking population in Kosovo-Metochia. ⬇️
22) The process of Albanization of the #Serbs in #Kosovo-Metochia was, according to the relevant historical sources, most intensive in the 19th century. However, the Western historiography & media intentionally for the political reasons are calling Kosovo-Metochia’s Arbanashes ⬇️
23) as the Albanians and at such a way giving "moral legitimization" to the creation of a "Greater Albania" in the future...

But if you take a look into any ancient world map, you won't find them there.

Why? Because the theory of their Illyrian origin had been fabricated. ⬇️
24) As I matter of fact, even many Albanian historians doesn't believe in this modern theory about Albanians having Illyrian or Pelasgian origin.

But I am going to explain that more into details later... ⬇️
26) What occured during WWII in #Kosovo was a genocide, but the real one.

The Albanian Muslim division under name "Skanderbeg SS Division" was responsible for murdering thousands of #ChristianOrthodox #Serbs and European #Jews. ⬇️
27) But Albanian and Bosnian Muslims weren't the only allies to nazi Germany and fascist Italy during WWII.

When talking about brutal atrocities and concentration camps, world should never forget the crimes against #ChristianOrthodox #Serbs comitted by Croatian Ustaše. ⬇️
28) Prior to WW1, The #Vatican had done all it could to support the A&H and German war effort in 1914 against #Serbia and considered Serbia as the “evil” behind the war. The Vatican encouraged its clergy to rally the Catholic populations of Croatia & Slovenia to fight Serbia. ⬇️
29) Croatia was THE ONLY NATION who had concentration camps dedicated for CHILDREN during WWII. Even the Nazi Germany didn't come to such a sick idea.

In these concentration camps, #Serbian and #Jewish children were taken and brutally killed and thrown into the fire... ⬇️
30) Bishop Stepinac from #Vatican met with the Croatian Fuhrer when he arrived from Italy on April 16th 1941.

He held a dinner party in his residence in honor of Ante Pavelić and the Ustasha leadership. ⬇️
31) Bishop met regularly with representatives from both the Italian FM and the illegal Ustasha terrorist organization, as Stepinac himself noted in his diary. Among these visitors was the future Ustasha Minister of Education Budak, a chief architect of the Serbian #Genocide. ⬇️
32) Bishop Stepinac admitted that Pavelić told him of his plans to “exterminate” the non-Catholic religions in Croatia. He too was prepared for an all out religious war, for he added that “If that man (Pavelic) rules Croatia for 10 years, Croatia will be a paradise on Earth.” ⬇️
33) Bishop Stepinac compared the new fascist state to the resurrection of Christ. In his pastoral letter (April 28th) he ordered the clergy and called upon all Catholic people of #Croatia and #Bosnia to follow their “Fuhrer" Ante Pavelić... ⬇️
34) The pastoral letter was read over the radio & in every Catholic parish in fascist #Croatia. Stepinac was outdone by other high ranking clergy, most infamously by the 2nd highest ranking fascist cleric, the Archbishop of #Sarajevo, Ivan Sharich called "the Hangman of Serbs" ⬇️
35) Between August 1941 - April 1945, ONLY in #Jasenovac concentration camp were killed around 800,000 #Serbs, at least 30,000 #Romas and 25,000 #Jews

Of all of the death camps during the #Holocaust across #Europe, the Croat Ustashe had the only one reserved for CHILDREN. ⬇️
36) The participation of clergy in running conc. camps in Croatia was known by the 🇩🇪,🇮🇹,🇬🇧,🇺🇲 intel services. The #US intelligence report of Feb 23, 1943: "Massacres of #Serbs in #Croatia” speaks bluntly of "the bloody hands of the Catholic clergy". ⬇️
37) Prior to WWII, according to Mussolini’s FM Ciano diary, Mussolini financed Ustashe between 1920-1930. By 1934, their investments paid dividends as both King Alexander & French FM Barthou were assassinated. Both portrayed as obstacles to the fascist domination of #Europe. ⬇️
38) In 1940 an article appeared in the Croatian Church publication praising #MeinKampf about being a good Catholic & a good #Nazi. On Ap 6, #Belgrade was destroyed with 30,000 killed by the Luftwaffe's bombing. #Croatia was left untouched and the Nazis were greeted like heroes ⬇️
39) When Germans entered #Belgrade, two seperate groups formed.

One led by the royalist army #DražaMihailovic (Chetnicks), and the other by Josip Broz Tito (Partizans). While Tito focussed early on his communism revolution, Draža liberated the 1st town in occupied #Europe ⬇️
40) Contrary to Muslim & Communist believers and their lies, the 1st town liberated in Europe during WW2 was none other than Loznica by #DražaMihailović's men. The hero, Lieutenant Colonel Veselin Misita, was killed leading his #Chetniks in the attack on the German garrison. ⬇️
41) Once the Germans left the city of Uzice, Serbian people ceremoniously greeted #Chetniks.

So false history teaches you that the #Yugoslavia #Partisans were the 1rst in enslaved #Europe to have free territory.

But #Chetniks entered long before the false "liberators". ⬇️
42) In WWII, the Operation #Halyard was the largest rescue ever of downed #American & Allied airman. 512 Allied airmen were rescued by Serbian #Chetniks led by #DražaMihailović.

This story was captured in the book “The Forgotten 500” by Douglas A. Freeman. ⬇️
43) “General #DražaMihailović was a patriot, a brave soldier and a gallant ally of the #US and every nation that went to war in the early forties to destroy the tyrannies that sought to enslave our world.” - #RichardNixon #Chetnicks ⬇️
44) Because of this operation, #US President Harry S. Truman posthumously awarded #DražaMihailović the Legion of Merit for his contribution to the Allied victory during WWII.

But shortly after, he had been arrested & killed by communist dictator #Tito⬇️
45) Communist #Tito haven't just betrayed #DražaMihajlović and #Chetnicks, arrested him & killed him (location of his grave is unknown until present day), he was as well the main person responsible for covering the crimes against humanity comitted by Croats Ustasha & #Vatican ⬇️
46) By the time the allies heard of a #Genocide in Croatia, something strange happened. #Churchill began to shift support from Draža to communist #Tito...

#Churchill decided to chose Tito over #DražaMihailović because of a number of communist moles in the English government. ⬇️
47) Western allies betrayed General #DražaMihajlović, supported the communists led by anti-Serb communist dictator #Tito and pushed the Serbian people into a new chapter of suffering.

Tito has prepared us all for the 90's and all of that is happening to #Serbs today... ⬇️
48) Shortly after, the allies bombed #Serbia, while communist #Tito took control of the country of #Yugoslavia for 35 years...


Josip Broz #Tito didn't fool all the South Slavs for decades, but the rest of the world as well... ⬇️
49) This is the time when all enemies of #Serbs from both world wars started labeling them as "Evil #Chetcnicks" traitors, nazi and fascist collaborators...

#Tito & his Western accomplices never denied any of it, but helped to cover up Croats/ Bosnian/ Albanian atrocities. ⬇️
50) After the lost war, drawn by anger & hatred, Germany & Austria (Austria-Hungary) have used as well all their finances, abilities and efforts to rewrite the history which will diminish their atrocities & atrocities of their allies. New "bad guy" was needed to replace them. ⬇️
51) Paralel between parties who lost the election in #Montengro & parties who lost WWII can be underlined, although it sounds silly...

The loser has the right to be angry, that's legal, but anger isn't dangerous how much are dangerous intentions that may arise from that anger ⬇️
53) Both Germany and Austria supported their allies #Albania, #Bosnia and #Croatia in rewriting their history, creating the alphabet for each of them and, finally, helped them to get their independence after the breakup of #Yugoslavia in order to fully control them. ⬇️
55) Coming back to the theory about Albanians having Illyrian origin, besides many Albanian historians, the theory has not been accepted even by well known foreign historians, however, from 19th century onwards it has been accepted by schools & universities, thanks to Austria. ⬇️
56) The reason? Nazi irredentist concept of "Greater Albania" which is the main cause of conflicts in #Balkans between Albania on one side, and #Serbia, #Montenegro, #Greece and #Macedonia on the other.

Below is my research about "Greater Albania"... ⬇️ https://twitter.com/boginjaproleca/status/1295691565587865601?s=19
57) Agenda for the breakup of #Yugoslavia followed shortly after #Tito death. It has been planned/organized/executed by the #US democrats, #CIA, Germany & it's inteligent agency #BND.

IMF was only 1 of their allies who contributed to economic crisis ⬇️ https://twitter.com/boginjaproleca/status/1298255865305210883?s=19
59) Milošević wasn't perfect, he was corrupt communist president, but he didn't destroy the country of #Yugoslavia.

#Germany, #US democrats, #NATO and the other war criminal leaders from #Croatia, #Bosnia and #Albania did their part as well.
60) In the case of #Bosnia, #Serbs always occupied 2/3 of a landscape, but 90's narrarive was that Serbs comitted #EthnicCleansing, genocide, mass rapes & atrocities towards Bosnian Muslims who btw fought next to KLA terrorist organization/ Al Qaeda/ Muhahideen from MEA region ⬇️
61) Germany has been good to #Bosnia, smuggling weapons in through Slovenia and Croatia since 1990, but also actively working with other nations to recognize an illegal vote for independence.

What a great success that was for the people of Bosnia! ⬇️
62) #Srebrenica in #Bosnia was sacrificed on purpose, setting the stage for the greatest POLITICAL FRAUD of the century!

Decades later documents are declassified proving #NATO leaders drafted a sinister plan in order to whitewash the expulsion of #Krajina #Serbs. ⬇️
63) July 11 - Bosnian #Serbs stroll into the UN zone of #Srebrencia uncontested by 6000 heavily armed Jihadists.

Aug 4 - Croatian Army attacks the #UN zone of #Krajina and brutally expels 300k Serbs from the region.

Aug 10 - Albright shows #UNSC pictures of Srebrenica ONLY ⬇️
64) The giant political fraud known as #Srebrenica was carried out by Bosnian Muslim #NaserOrić and his ISIS hordes (KLA terrorist organization/ Al Qaeda/ Mujahideen from MEA) between 1992 - 1995. The were supportd by #ClintonCrimeFamily and #Germany ⬇️

67) The image of #Srebrenica was designed to exonerate the German government of its WWII #Holocaust stigma, and have it replaced with a #Serb “Srebrenica” stigma.

But Srebrenica cannot be solely seen as a “Serbian” issue, it's a global issue... ⬇️

68) Fake genocide in #Srebrenica was also used by many desgraceful people to
become wealthy. It has been used not only to spread hatred towards #Serbs, but also as a campaign in order to sell books, open foundations, NGO. These are THE SAME people who attack #Serbs nowadays! ⬇️
69) @Rrrrnessa is a deputy director of the association #SrebrenicaUK, fake organization that is spreading a propaganda and hatred for years already, using the same #Srebrenica pattern. This is how they make money!

The same story in BIH, Kosovo, Myanmar and China?! #FakeNews ⬇️
69) The founder of this fake organization #SrebrenicaUK, Pakistani (?!) businessman Waqar Azmi, in the video below talks about plans to expand its activities to Germany, Canada, Netherlands and to US (in order to spread hatred and make more money on #FakeNews stories). ⬇️
71) The one where General #RatkoMladic saved 20k+ Muslims and bused them to safety...

They were herded like cattle for years by the #AlijaIzetbegovic regime in order to generate Western sympathy, silly.

This general is still in The Hague for fake #Genocide... ⬇️
72) Bosnian #Serbs who were expelled from their homeland, brutally tortured and killed were also bombed because the narrative of the #FakeNewsMedia and #US democrats was that Serbs were responsible for fake genocide and ethnic cleansing.

But what was Bosnia exactly? ⬇️
74) In 1995 #US, #Germany, #CIA and Albanian KLA terrorist organisation completed the brutal #EthnicCleansing of 300,000+ #Serbs from #Krajina region in Operation Storm: the largest one in #Europe since #Croatia allied #Nazis in WWII ⬇️

75) The left document convinced 3/2 judges no #Genocide occurred in #Krajina after 300k #Serbs were expelled.

The right #UN signed document convinced the world a Genocide occurred in #Srebrenica after 20k Muslims were evacuated by #RatkoMladić

Nonsense, right? ⬇️

Even the number of rape victims in the same!

The #Serbs were accused of committing attrocities and alledges mass rapes of Muslim women. ⬇️

78) The stigmatization at #Serbs as “Nazi rapists” was an extremely effective way to win over to the side of their enemies’ two constituencies with enormous influence in the liberal mainstream of Western society.

The mainstream media chosen to play up stories involving Muslim ⬇️
79) victims, while ignoring the rape of Serbian women.

This article below is the most detailed analysis of the "Rape and politics" methodology.


80) #GeorgeBush first used the "Dead babies propaganda" in calling for a war against #Iraq in 1991.

Second time was used in 2002 against #Serbia when #ICTY has failed to prove or establish any part of its case against president #SlobodanMilošević. ⬇️

83) Mme Veil criticized the #EU governments for having instructed the Warburton delegation to investigate the rape of Muslim women only (without specifying whether, as reported, it was the German government that eliminated #Serb rape victims from the mandate). ⬇️
86) David Binder reported in NYT on Nov 1, 1987 that Fadil Hoxha, political leader of #Kosovo Albanians, had advocated that Kosovo #Serb women be raped by Albanian Muslims. He was inciting rape against #ChristianOrthodox women by Albanian Muslim men to create an ethnically ⬇️
88) In August 2000, award-winning Guardian reporter Audrey Gillan’s “The Propaganda war,” cites her failure to uncover any evidence of mass rapes in #Kosovo. ⬇️ http://sorryserbia.com/2015/kosovo-rape/
89) At least someone in the #US media knew to use the logic math when it comes to those insane numbers of rape victims and had courage to say the truth!

Serbs fought ALONE against 16 armies + Jihadists and had time to rape al those women?! I don't think so... ⬇️
93) Speaking of Germans and their allies, they all managed to "clean" themselves from the horrible atrocities done in WWII, by attributing to #Serbs all those "titles" they were known for.

30 years later, everyone are blaming "genocidal Serbian nation". ⬇️
95) It's obvious that someone orchestrates these false flag attacks on Montenegrin #Serbs, it's NOT a coincidence that exactly the same tactics and narrative are used as for Yugoslav wars...

So, the question arise - will #Serbs be the one who'll suffer again?
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