So this very misinformed individual just got a gig on @CNN advising about election security for the 2020 election. (What she told NPR here was false.) 1/
And Rick Hasen, who elevated both Huseman and Becker by putting them on a bunch of fancy panels—and who blocked me & called me a “zealot” for questioning why he kept elevating Huseman who got it so wrong—just got a gig on @CNN too. Or so I’m told. 3/
Huseman spreading misinformation by quoting Becker again. 4/
Did they investigate it at all? I’d really like to know. Because Becker testified to Congress to this effect too. 7/
Becker is now literally partners with Georgia’s Secretary of State, one of the worst vote suppressors in the country who plans to count QR codes as votes. Becker has vociferously defended this crap voting system. 8/
At a time when we need truth more than ever, the same people who gaslit the public about the 2016 election have been given much larger platforms to do it again in November. God help us. 9/
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