My husband rarely uses his status card but tonight he did. At the end of the transaction, the sales person was like: “Wow, you save a lot of money with those cards. What a cash grab.”

Here’s all the things we want to say but of course never have the energy to say:
“Ya I guess the discounts pay off when you’re a segregated ethnic group.”
“But you know what would be even better than getting a 5% discount on my purchase? Land back.”
“Wow it would be great if employees in this store weren’t racist. Can I talk to your manager?”
“Sometimes people that have no idea what they’re talking about should keep their opinions about apartheids to themselves.”
“You’re welcome to experience colonization if you want one so bad.”
“I would prefer it if the treaties were honoured tho.”
“Nobody asked you fock. Skoden!”
*refuse to speak English and just start talking in <preferred indigenous language> for the rest of transaction*
“If you think $23 is a cash grab then you should hear about how Canada has no receipt of sale for the land that you now occupy.”
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