Gov. Cuomo doing a last minute conference call right now.
Cuomo is responding to President Trump’s tweet about defunding New York City.

Cuomo says Trump was considered a “clown” in New York City by everyone including his family.
Cuomo is also blasting Trump over a lack of infrastructure investments, including 2nd Ave. subway, the AirTrain project at LaGuardia, etc.

"the best thing he ever did was move to Florida," Cuomo says. "Good riddance. Enjoy Florida. Don't get COVID."
"It is his negligence that brought it here," Cuomo says of Trump.

"You want to do something about public safety? Try doing your job."
Cuomo says the president doesn't have the "power to do anything" to defund New York City.

"It's just a political statement and he knows that," he says.
Cuomo on Rochester demonstration surrounding the death of Daniel Prude says AG James is doing an investigation.

"People should know it's under investigation and it has been for months by the attorney general," he says, point to EO he signed on issue.
"It is another attempt to kill New York City," Cuomo says of Trump. "If he was a king, it would kill New York City... I'm telling you it's personal because New York City knows him for the joke that he is.... this is a man disrespected by his own family."
"What does it say about a person, a man, trying to destroy the place he came from?" Cuomo says. "Right? He is from New York City."
Cuomo says Trump is "persona non grata" in New York City.
Cuomo on Daniel Prude in Rochester says the video was described to him, but he plans to watch it.

"In retrospective the referral (to the AG) was even more vital than we knew at the time," he says.
Cuomo at the end of the call clarified a remark he made about Trump not having enough bodyguards to walk through New York City, saying it was about him being "persona non grata" with the people.
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