After all this time, @michelleinbklyn and @AriMelber seriously seem to remain unclear about how all the elements of "Birtherism" work:

They offered up Birtherism as the only example of a non-projection accusation from #KlanTrump. That's a truly oblivious and facile analysis.

Trump projection is not just about projection, it's about diversion by-way-of hypocrisy. It's like a preemptive, reverse game of "Rubber and Glue."

Back to Birtherism, let's recall that 2 of Trump's 3 wives are immigrants and that #MelaniaTrump

- a staunch (if logic-addled) birther in her own right - likely worked here illegally, and we also know for a fact that she lied on her citizenship application by saying she was a college graduate.

Think of the gall it takes to be an immigrant (likely illegal) assailing a natural-born American as not being born here...that natural-born American being both President of the United States and Black.

@AriMelber and @michelleinbklyn, keep up; do better.

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