I’d just like to say a little bit about physical restraints and holds when done on a person to keep themselves and everyone around them safe since it seems police forces are having a hard time with this. 1/
I work in special education. Because of this, I have a yearly training I have to go to to learn how to restrain students if necessary. I’ll remind you, special education goes to age 21. We’re learning to restrain full grown adults. And I’m kinda small. It’s doable, I promise. 2/
So. First and foremost. Your priority when restraining someone is THEIR safety. You may get hit, kicked, spit on, etc. You’re given techniques to avoid getting hurt, but your priority is keeping the disregulated person safe. It’s your job - injuries are occupational hazard 3/
Next up. Even the biggest person can be restrained by only two people. Sometimes you need a third to hold legs so you don’t get kicked. But never more than three. One on each arm, one on legs. NEVER anywhere near their torso, neck, or head. Ever. There’s no need. 4/
Once they’re restrained, they will usually start to calm within minutes. Once they’re calm, begin talking to them and asking what they need. How can you meet those needs? Determine if it’s safe to release the hold. 5/
In the case of a mental health arrest, it is often recommend to keep them restrained until help shows up and can transport them safely. As long as the person is restrained correctly, this will never hurt them. 6/
Special education staff and those who work in group homes and other settings with people with disabilities or tendencies to become disregulated have to execute these holds often. We hate every time we have to, but we do it to KEEP THEM SAFE. 7/
And RARELY, if ever, do we hurt them, much less KILL them. If they are in distress, we adjust. If they say they can’t breathe, we let go. Immediately. Because it’s about their safety. 8/
And you know how I know we don’t hurt people and these holds are successful? Because if we DID hurt someone, or God forbid, KILL them, our organization would stop doing them, AND the person responsible would be held accountable. Fired, arrested, etc. 9/
So tell me. What changes between a school crisis and a public crisis? Why would a teacher (understandably) face severe consequences if a student died during a restraint, but when a police officer does it, it’s, “Ah well it happens?” 10/
This is absolutely unacceptable. We should be doing the same things for all people in crisis. If you have a crisis near a police officer instead of a special education teacher, or mental health worker, it shouldn’t be a death sentence. 11/
No one should die because of a knee in their backs. A knee on their necks. A PUSH UP on their heads. It’s unnecessary use of force, especially when the person being restrained is being restrained because they’re experiencing some sort of crisis, no matter the cause! 12/
And this is where I’ll add, IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT THE PERSON DID OR DID NOT DO. A police officer’s job would be to respond to the call, maybe arrest the person if appropriate, and ultimately give them a fair trail. You don’t get to decide if they live or die. 13/
It’s also important to add here that we’ve seen the videos of police deescalating white people in crisis - naked white men running around, wielding a weapon, that get taken into custody safely, without issue. This is an issue that stems from a racist organization. 14/
This is why we say #defundthepolice. Start it over. Rework the system. Provide more training and education on physical restraints, deescalation, and mental health crises. Fund mental health workers and social workers. Fund supports. Dismantle the systemic racism. 15/
#DanielPrude should still be alive. So should all the other Black lives cut short by gross incompetence in physical restraints, not to mention ALL the other ways police have murdered Black people. 16/
There’s a severe lack of compassion and thirst for power happening in our country’s police system and it’s not functional, safe, ethical, or effective, nor does it “protect and serve” the people. Start. It. Over. #defundthepolice #DanielPrude #GeorgeFloyd #EricGarner 17/end
Oh and while we’re here, #ArrestthecopswhokilledBreonnaTaylor and don’t stop saying her name.
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