This is one of the major things I think is going on in the culture war:

You know how evopsych people often produce evolutionary narratives explanations for every day things, and some people are resistant to that?

And surely psychology is hugely the product of evolution, but that’s not really the cause of the resistance.

The resistance is because people don’t think the evolutionary lens is particulary good for analyzing the micro-layer of their decision making.

To some extent, evolution produced minds with emotions and deliberation and we can understand those emotions and deliberations as acting on their own grounds.

Well basically I think that same resistant feeling is happening against narrarives of group level bias.

People like me hear questionable claims about all our decisions and actions being the result of and furthering cultural narratives and biases against groups.

“Oh you only like Fargo because you sympathize with male killers and think women are nags.”

On repeat.

But on some level we hust want to say: “I liked that story because its a good story.”

Etc. Times a million.
And theb just as the skeptics of evopsych are met with the annoying response: “oh so you think evolution stopped at the neck?”, we’re met with the response: “oh so you think youre perfectly objective?”

No. But that doesn’t make your narratives of my bias infallible either.
This is I think one of the main reasons for the resistance against intersectionality.

It isnt a reaistance to the idea that facets of identity intersect, it’s a resistance to framing all minute decisions in terms of narratives along those identity lines.
So just as opposition to evopsych isnt opposition to the idea that psychology evolved, opposition to intersectionality isnt really opposition to intersectionality as such. End
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