In honour of #ExtinctionRebellion @ExtinctionR -
Mini #solarpunk postcards from the future: episode n°2, we'll keep them going while they keep on going!
#WeWantToLive #ActNow #CEEbill
David is a University student. He just moved into a mutual-support housing complex where he has been awarded a small flat. There are plenty of other students, but also elderly residents and families, creating a small but vibrant community... (/)
... The whole neighbourhood has been recently restructured from a formless, serviceless suburb to a dense urban fabric of townhouses and local shops organized around public services (library, sports centre, repair workshops) and public transport... (/)
... The housing complex has been retrofitted to max energy efficiency: it runs on locally produced renewable energy from community installations. Communal facilities enable residents to share meals, sit down and chat or watch a movie and create art together... (/)
... Some chores are socialized: residents who have more time help families and the elderly, tightening social bonds. David has already acquired a group of honorary grandparents, which makes the term-time separation from his family less painful... (/)
... Every morning David hops on his bike and rides through quiet streets to Uni with some homecooked treat in his backpack and kind words from his neighbours. Moving to the big city hasn't been so bad after all.
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