The governments of Alberta and Canada will fund a Métis Capital Housing Corporation affordable housing project to provide homes and create 60 jobs in Edmonton. Learn more: #abhousing #abmetis 1/5
Alberta’s government and the Government of Canada, through the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, will jointly contribute $6.95 million through the Canada-Alberta bilateral agreement under the National Housing Strategy. 2/5
The affordable housing development will include 23 new homes in Edmonton. The modern homes will help meet high demand for housing in the community and are located close to schools, transit and medical services. 3/5
Alberta’s government is proud to support this initiative through the Indigenous Housing Capital Program. The redesigned program offers more flexibility and autonomy for Indigenous communities to build affordable housing. 4/5
Alberta’s government supports housing designed, delivered and owned by, and for, Indigenous communities, and look forward to the grand opening of this housing project. Thank you Minister @Richard4Alberta for helping me to announce this wonderful affordable housing project!
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