A group of grad students wrote a letter seeking #antiracist actions from @UNM Bio.

There is no neutrality in situations of injustice. Either we dismantle these systems or we participate in perpetuating them.

Sign in solidarity→ https://forms.gle/dfjMcvPFn3r1R4DF6
#BlackLivesMatter (1/5)
Academia & specifically Biology have played central roles in the creation & justification of systemic oppression. Unless we take active steps to dismantle the structural legacy of scientific racism, then oppression of #BIPOC will continue. #BlackintheIvory #AcademicTwitter (2/5)
In 2018, @UNM Biology’s graduate student body was 78% white. No Black individuals and only two Native Americans received UNM Bio graduate degrees btw 2014 and 2018. Additionally, UNM Bio has no Indigenous or Black and very few Hispanic faculty. (3/5)

We must use this moment as a call to action to recruit & support #BIPOC faculty & grad students. We believe that hiring BIPOC faculty & staff is fruitless unless it is accompanied by structural changes that allow BIPOC to thrive & have power. Questions? [email protected] (4/5)
None of this is done in isolation. Thank you to our #DiversityandInclusion committee members @mkazenel @Glossopetalon @Desert_Microbes @juanecamacho, our allies @PloidyParnassus @dse_fungi @aandroski & support from El Centro de la Raza @unmafro & American Indian Student Services
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