can i still talk? i wanna explain this thoroughly so people can understand. cos there were who dmed me and asked me to explain what happened "before they unfollow jakehoonfiles" "if it's that serious" there are so many threads about her already and if those don't wake u up++
then i don't know what can. now this was the first thread about her by haley. cos jakehoonfiles who was diorjake/ jakehoonkr/ jakehoonco stole someone's ss of the email sent by m/net for those who won the global viewing. then she tweeted tw/ self harm after she got exposed++
ppl continued to believe until i discovered errthing last month. this was the thread i made. pls read it if you want to be informed. after what i did, she tweeted tw// suicide. so many people comforted her and believed her again so she came back as jakehoonco then jakehoonfiles
tw // mental health

⚠️ BUT please don't ever think i'm invalidating someone's feelings or if they do self-harm. i even apologized to her after i made the thread. i personally sent her a dm to say sorry if i was the cause of her pain when she tweeted tw/ suicide.
i apologized to her several times even when i shouldn't have to. i apologized because i never want what happened to my brother happen to anyone else. i also don't wanna be the cause of someone's pain. i don't want someone having such hatred against me. i apologized genuinely.
but this is too much already. she never learns from her mistakes and still lying from everyone up until now.
until she got exposed again in teume twt. i still remember saving her introduction in i-land twt which was the same as how she introduced herself in teume twt. her first @ was sojunghwanent which is now sojunghwankr that got exposed

please read this thread++
from anne @/sojunghwanent, idk but she even changed her name to ysa but same @/sojunghwanent now that she changed her @, she is saying she's ella (sojunghwankr) and anne is her irl as an explanation after getting exposed.
she even talked to herself using her teume account replying to her iland account just to call herself a billionaire haha idk why doe
i know this is too much exposing already. but her full name is Francesca Lampria. someone dmed me about her past issues. SHE SCAMMED SO MANY PEOPLE TOO. MONEY IS ALREADY INVOLVED HERE. most of them were 2 years ago but still haven't gotten any words from anne.
these are the screenshots of people complaining from few years ago. one (tweet this 2020) even said THEY REPORTED HER TO THE POLICE, FILED A CASE but the court asked them a big amount so they weren't able to proceed. u can search her full name here and read tweets about her.
these are the other screenshots. i feel so bad for those people who got scammed by her and never got their money back.

she owns a lot of accounts from some fandoms and even had an online shop with her friend who also happened to be a scammer.
i already explained everything you all asked me in my dms. if you still want to continue following her account, i have nothing against u. but please don't put her on my tl. i don't wanna see any tweet of a liar and scammer. or PLEASE just sb me. that would be better. thank you.
i'm done. i'm gonna rest for a day. this is stressing me too much but i did this for you to be aware and informed. and also, i feel so bad, frustrated and sad for all the victims of this scammer.

i'm sorry i had to do this. i hope you understand me. enough with your lies please
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