Structurally speaking, there is still one thing that can & should be done to safeguard the election: officials must remove the cellular modems that were installed in precinct ballot scanners in FL, MI, WI, &IL- @jennycohn1 on ⁦ @gaslitnation⁩ 1/
But it is hard to gain the traction needed to persuade officials to do the right thing bc too many people consider it taboo to discuss election vulnerabilities. Cellular modems are a glaring example of such a vulnerability bc they connect the machines to the internet. 2/
The cellular modems must be removed from our voting equipment b4 November. These are key swing states that have them (FL, WI, MI). Pls pass it on. Thank you to @sarahkendzior & @AndreaChalupa for having me on @gaslitnation to discuss this and related concerns. #RemoveTheModems 3/
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