Disability & Illness make people uncomfortable because it reminds them of their mortality/vulnerability

Albeism is a unique discrimination because Disabled is the only marginalized group you can join at any time, people would rather bring others down than confront their feelings
It’s hard for a lot of people to consider that, through no fault of their own, they could end up as a different human

There’s an assumption being disabled is worse, that it’s awful

It’s far more complicated than that and never that simple
I have talked to a few people with an acquired disability that are really grateful for what it offered them

One guy said that before he was injured his life was shallow/ full of selfish pursuits, once acquiring a disability his eyes were opened to discrimination of others
He admitted to me that acquiring disability help him to connect with friends and family, apologize for his selfish behaviour, and learn to appreciate friendships and simple things in life like food

He made it 100% clear that disability, while tough, changed him for the better
This was a very important message for him to get out to people

It’s never as simple as one life either, a disability has far-reaching effects on all relationships

All too often poor communication means these effects are viewed as fully negative without much thought
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