guys, i think we need to have a discussion about klaus’ pronouns. rob using they/them one time in a 30 second interview... that doesn’t make it canon in the show. you cannot get angry at other fans for not using they/them for klaus when it hasn’t been addressed in the show.
i want it to be canon more than anything as someone who’s non-binary and who’s pronouns are they/them. and i love rob for everything he does for klaus. but at this point it’s wrong to get angry at others for not using pronouns that aren’t used for klaus in the show.
and this is not me telling you to not use those pronouns for klaus. i use them occasionally along with he/him. pls use them as much as you want. but it’s not canon. other fans on this site and DEFINITELY fans out there not on twitter have no clue rob used ‘they’ for klaus.
if and when they refer to klaus as they/them? yeah i’ll be partying and celebrating right along with you.
but DO NOT use this thread as a reason to argue that klaus’ pronouns CANT be they/them. i will slam dunk you into the garbage if you try and use my tweets to disprove people’s use of those pronouns for him.
the point is: they/them for klaus is still a headcanon at this point. people don’t have to use them for klaus. people can and i personally like that a lot! do NOT attack people for using them. do NOT attack people for not using them. nothing is confirmed! be happy!! enjoy things!
i’m not going to give the tua creators and writers credit for something they didn’t do. let’s not let creators half-ass rep and get credit for things they didn’t make canon.

and let’s hope that they live up to our expectations in season 3 and make it canon!!
since this is getting attention let me say: fellow nonbinary people I LOVE YOU. he/they individuals I LOVE YOU. they/them individuals I LOVE YOU. headcanons are valid! i just want us all to have good, PROPER representation! and nothing in this thread means i love klaus any less💙
i also think this should be added to this thread. getting upset at people switching between the two sets of pronouns for klaus also ain’t it. klaus’ canon pronouns are he/him, and it’s good to use those even if you also use they/them when talking about him
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