was looking forward to idv stage but their recent decision to portray patricia in blackface really upsets me. If you can, please spare your time to email them using this template as help & include screenshots of ppl saying it's bad since NE responds best when there are evidences https://twitter.com/mayousailor/status/1301166805147291648
Idv stage should've casted a black japanese actress in the first place, but since non-black actress was casted already & the stage will start next week, they can atleast not use blackface for patricia. Blackface perpetuates dehumanizing & racist stereotypes to black people.
They listened on previous stage when ppl were complaining about norton's piercings inaccuracy and changed it, so I think it's not too late for them to not use blackface for their current show. So again, please let them know that it's not okay to use blackface in their shows.
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