The Great Awokening needs to be understood as a psy-op response to Occupy Wall Street.

10 years ago, a grass-roots movement confronted a tribal banking elite in a series of peaceful protests (actually tho) that frightened the 1% to their core
As a response to Occupy Wall Street, the 1%, using their control of the media and other institutions, began heavily promoting "identity politics" in their newspapers, media, hollywood films, and universities in the 2nd half of the Obama administration.
I hate using the term "identity politics" because it gives the illusion that all identities are given a voice –– and that's not true.

It's specifically the incitement of minorities, females, and non-straight people against White people, men in general, and straight people.
So less than 5 years after Occupy Wall Street, the same leftists who were protesting the cosmopolitan globalist bankers had been conditioned to switch the blame for their economic devastation from nepotistic billionaire bankers to normal White people.
Meanwhile, the 1% sat back and laughs while the Diversity Coalition starts discriminating against and disempowering normal White people.

Attempts to disempower the 1% were ignored by the media or labeled anti-Semitic.
This fulfilled 2 goals for the 1%:

1. Steering the lumpenprole mob away from their tribe

2. Hamstringing and distracting normal White people –– who the 1% have always seen as the largest and most capable threat to themselves (going back centuries)
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