Hi your human I have to assume you like Batman. Most people do, and I have to assume you might want to read good Batman stories? Well today we are going to kill a Legend. One of to me the top 10 Batman stories of time, also fuck Bob Kane.
This comics was printed in Detective comics 500 and contains a multitude of stories, but today we are focusing on the lead this time. To kill a legend written by a guy who has only written good Batman stories Alan Brennert
Alan Brennert is a guy who somehow wrote some of the most important Batman comics of all time without having a long run on ANYTHING, guy is mostly a tv dude and novelist.
Like you could read his comics and go "man how can a dude just write 10/10 stories? He is the first writer to explore Catwoman and Batman as an actual couple, like dude is important for Batman like Jim Steranko is important for comics art.
But why focus on this story? Well it's ask a weird question, could Batman exist without his origin? Could a Batman exist if his parents lived?
I will give you fair warning this is not a gritty Batman story but a Batman superhero story the Phantom stranger delivers a task to Batman a very special task.
This story was kind of done in a terrible modern way by King and other writers have played with the idea of Batman saving his parents. This is the first story to ever do that as far as I can tell but this story is thankfully not this.
This other world Batman is sent is strange for one Batman is shocking to this earth no one has seen anyone like him, and none of the crooks are prepared for something like him.
They discover that this, is a world without heroes, no legends, no chance for them to be created a world that will never have anyone to defend it. This world was scared of Batman for one reason, NOTHING like him exists.
Batman finds the Waynes, and Dick wonder does Batman need his origin? This world needs heroes, and if they stop the murder Batman can't exist? Can he? No he can't right?
and so dear reader we have a Batman who has to make a choice, save the wayne's and deny the world a hero? Or don't save them we have Batman? What is the right call?
and that dear reader I will let you find out for yourself. This story has been reprinted in a bunch of collections but Detective comics 500 is also not expensive, but if you find other means I won't tell a soul.
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