I'm of the view that while we must fight to get rid of racism, we must never let it prevent us from striving.

On here a lot of people will say we overstate racism, but then you'll watch the exact same people justify racism as logical.
This is what we mean when we say racism is normalized and pervasive. You'll watch people tell you that because of the color of your skin, it's reasonable to deny you a residence.

We see versions of this all the time.
People will tell you police being more suspicious of you is logical, because "statistics"

These same people in the next breath will tell you they're all about treating people as individuals.

The dissonance is obvious, but we're used to it.
At the end of the day, I know what my ancestors went through to get me here. I know the life my grandparents and parents went through to get me here.

What we face is little compared to what they faced and I'll make this world a better place for my kids

But racism is trash y'all
By the way, Sean is good peoples, his tweet just establishes context for the other comments.
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