Lots of talk about big numbers around our fundraising, but I want to talk about some key numbers under the hood (1/however!)
First, the majority of this raise is digital, which means grassroots supporters just like you. 95% of our donations came from grassroots donors.
Think about that: despite the uncertain economic times, grassroots donors are stepping up in an unprecedented way, giving $5, $10, whatever they can. We’re humbled and grateful.
Beyond that, we brought 1.5 million new donors into the fold in the last month alone, which is a testament to the strength of our amazing ticket, our powerful convention, and the daily reminders that this country is desperate for new leadership.
To me, the most powerful moment was the outpouring of grassroots support we saw in the immediate hour after @joebiden spoke at our convention. People saw a vision for this country and a leader who can unite us AND they were moved to take action!
But despite all of this, there's a bigger truth: Donald Trump has not just a huge campaign war chest, but a series of well-funded superPACs. We can’t let up and we must keep this momentum going.
All of these dollars make a huge impact. The money we raised this month is going directly into programming we’re running in our battleground states as you’re reading this. We’re using it to earn every vote and talk to every voter we can. We will take nothing for granted.
So if you haven’t pitched in yet, now's the time. And if you have, we still need you with us. We’ll defeat Donald Trump with the power of our grassroots community, but remember that the work starts (and ends) with you. https://secure.actblue.com/donate/biden2020_fr_q32020-social-13?refcode=jennumberstweet
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